How Telenet slashed operational costs while boosting service quality

The challenge: adapting to the ever-changing telecom market

Telenet is the largest HFC broadband operator in Belgium. As such, it faced immense challenges to adapt to the rapidly evolving market and dynamic landscape of telecom. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to innovation, Telenet aimed to redefine how it managed its extensive HFC broadband activities. The need for intelligent end-to-end network management became imperative to meet the demands of an ever-growing subscriber base and maintain a competitive edge.

The solution: intelligent end-to-end network management

Telenet soon recognized the strategic importance of intelligent end-to-end network management, leading them to partner up with Skyline Communications and deploy a DataMiner System. Over several years, Telenet gradually replaced legacy and vendor-specific solutions, embracing a next-gen, consolidated, and unified approach to managing its HFC broadband operations. DataMiner was strategically implemented across various facets of their operation, from central iPTV headend management to automated configuration of OB vans for live broadcasts.

The benefits

Intelligent management: Thanks to DataMiner's comprehensive umbrella management, Telenet gained a holistic 360° view and full control over their HFC broadband activities. This encompassed managing iPTV headends, overseeing video contribution links, facilitating the automated configuration of OB vans, and monitoring regional headends and outdoor plant nodes seamlessly.

Improved customer satisfaction: The DataMiner EPM Manager platform, known as SKIPI at Telenet, collected data from over 4 million devices, enabling continuous calculation and tracking of nearly half a billion KPIs. It significantly increased issue detection, preventing unnoticed technical issues that could impact services and customer satisfaction.

Slashed operational costs: Telenet shifted from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy, leveraging DataMiner insights. The Node Quality Index (NQI) helped prioritize field maintenance, resulting in a reduction of 20,000 customer home visits per year, leading to substantial operational cost savings

DataMiner played a pivotal role in Telenet's strategic move toward intelligent end-to-end network management. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, Telenet not only boosted operational efficiency but also saw a notable drop in customer complaints and operational expenses. It's clear that DataMiner made a profound difference in Telenet's network management, reinforcing its position in the competitive telecommunications market.

Telenet is the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium

Founded in 1996

Using DataMiner since 2002