It’s up to us all to empower a world where everyone can belong, thrive, and connect with utmost safety.

As a catalyst for those at the intersection of humanity and technology, we strive to empower agents of change. Through our people, technology, and funds, we facilitate digital transformation across all domains, foster the growth of inclusive communities, and cultivate ecosystems that drive lasting change for the people, the community and the planet.

Change for our planet

change for our planet

To limit our direct and indirect impact on global warming, we want to reduce our environmental footprint with a company-wide program.

  • leveraging our employees
  • low-energy buildings
  • free software for footprint reduction
  • promoting tap water
  • reducing waste
  • ethical business practices

and much more

Change for our community

change for our community

From volunteer activities and fundraising efforts down to every decision we make for our business, we want to contribute to communities around the globe.

  • charity fund raising
  • holiday-themed donations
  • freely accessible sports facilities
  • freely accessible park
  • volunteering efforts
  • support for non-profits

and much more

Change for our people

change for our people

We not only ensure that all Skyline employees have a safe and secure working environment, but also aim to enhance their well-being with a range of benefits:

  • ergonomic workstations
  • health & well-being programs
  • sports facilities
  • kids camps
  • fresh fruit & snacks
  • career development

and much more


Skyline commits to sustainability

At Skyline, we believe that to improve the well-being of all people in our company, in our community, and even on our planet, we need to act now.

Our goal: becoming carbon-neutral in 2025

To achieve this goal, we are implementing a variety of initiatives throughout our organization. These include transitioning to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, investing in carbon offset projects to compensate for our business travel, and implementing sustainable practices in our offices around the world. We pledge to at least halve our absolute emissions by 2025, and we will also implement a transparent annual reporting system to track our progress and share it with the world.

Timeline: Skyline Communications commits to be carbon neutral by 2025

Free DataMiner software for footprint reduction

As part of our relentless commitment towards our global climate, Skyline Communications offers all current drivers related to energy monitoring in the DataMiner catalog free of charge, if they are used specifically for the purpose of energy management and reduction of ecological footprints. This way, we want to maximize the positive impact of our DataMiner software on our environment, and by extension, on everyone’s well-being.

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DataMiner for footprint reduction

Almost Energy-Neutral HQ

Our buildings in Belgium have an E-level of 30 and use very little energy for heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water. This makes it almost energy-neutral, which is exceptional for a building of its size. The energy that is needed comes from green energy sources.

BEN label - Bijna Energie Neutraal
Data Analytics Team Skyline Communications

Skyline invests in people

At Skyline, we believe in attracting, retaining and promoting diverse talent by making work more equitable, accessible, and rewarding for all people. This ensures that a variety of voices and perspectives are brought to bear to create more effective and innovative products and to bring them to market faster.

Skyline values - Nuturing icon


With the Skyline Employee Council, we nurture inclusive internal communities by empowering them to organize and amplify their voices to contribute to the overall well-being of all Skyline employees.

Skyline values - Reflection icon


Diverse teams are better equipped to understand the needs of a diverse consumer base and being surrounded by people you can identify with is vital to any employee’s well-being.

Skyline values - Cultivation icon


Embracing workplace belonging is our driving force. This is why we constantly strive to enhance our training programs and foster awareness regarding inclusion and equity across all departments and locations.

Our people pact

Emphasizing the power of genuine connections, fosters a culture of selflessness, respect, and commitment to collective growth.


Being kind is essential in building and maintaining long-lasting relations between people and for the well-being of every person in any organization and beyond. We strive towards genuine human experiences and this requires, more than anything else, kindness and gentleness.


We foster a low-ego culture and discourage power games. Serve the common good and always assume positive intent. Arrogance and condescending behavior is not the way forward. We celebrate success as a team and dod not claim personal victory, we accept failure as a team, and we grow by helping others.


We want people to keep their commitments, and to do the right thing, even when nobody is looking. What we say is what we stand for, and we do not pretend something else. Above all, be honest and be respectful. Without integrity things will fall apart rapidly.

Skyline people pact: Kindness, Integrity and Humbleness

Creating equitable opportunity

Having a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, ages, ethnicities, genders, and ways of thinking enhances the strength and innovation of our company. To further advance the progress achieved in recent years, we fortified our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion framework in 2022, emphasizing three key objectives:

Purposeful workforce building

Attract exceptional and varied talent at every level through the creation of a distinctive and exemplary global hiring process that fosters collaboration.

Support and empower our workforce

Enhance fair processes, policies, and practices during critical moments to drive employee belonging and continuous growth.

Amplify diversity, equity, and inclusion

Leverage human ingenuity and technology to propel the global ESG/DEI movement, advancing DEI through strategic collaborations with like-minded customers, suppliers, and community partners.

DataMiner DevOps Enablement Services

Digital transformation requires talent transformation

We heavily invest in learning and growth opportunities. Every employee receives a certain amount of learning credits, which they get to spend on training courses of their choice. We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities, ranging from product-specific courses to training sessions on soft skills and leadership, and even higher education opportunities.

Health, safety, and wellbeing

We provide a safe and secure working environment for all our employees. We aim to enhance our people’s wellbeing with a range of financial and health and wellness benefits.

Inclusive health benefits
  • Free fruit and activity tracker for every employee
  • Inhouse fitness and running track
  • Activities by the Sports Committee
  • Hospitalization insurance
  • Flu vaccination
  • Bike lease program

and much more

Work-life integration
  • Work From Anywhere policy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ironing service
  • Kids camp during summer holidays
  • Carwash service at the office
  • Paid parental leave

and much more

Employee wellbeing
  • Continuous feedback system
  • Virtual and in-person mental health support
  • Stress management sessions
  • Burnout awareness sessions
  • Ergonomic training and furniture
  • Ad-hoc sessions on physical and emotional health

and much more

Sportbedrijf 24-25

Skyline was awarded the "Sportbedrijf" (Sports Company) label by the Flemish government for its commitment to promoting and supporting sports activities among its employees.

Work From Anywhere

Our Work from Anywhere policy is all about empowering our network of people across the globe with the flexibility to work from anywhere they want, with benefits and opportunities customized to their needs, and the knowledge that the office is also a place they can go to connect, create, and engage as needed.

work from anywhere
Work from the office at Skyline Communications
Work from the office at Skyline Communications