Data Acquisition & Control Plane 

The foundation for your data-driven media & broadband ICT operation

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Data Acquisition & Control Plane
Data-driven future

Leap ahead into a    
data-driven future

today's platform economy calls    
for agile data-driven operations

Automate your ecosystem

Establish a unified    
foundation to last

meet your current and future    
data acquisition and control needs

Automate your ecosystem

Manage & automate     
your ecosystems

agile and evolving ecosystems make    
monitoring & automation indivisible


The indispensable foundation
for any data-driven operation

This fundamental layer ensures that you can integrate unconditionally and quickly with new data sources and products at any point in time, and that you can do this in a scalable manner, without any impact on the entire software stack above it.

fault management

performance management

operational dashboards

resource management & orchestration

workflow processes

integrations with many other platforms

artificial intelligence data augmentation

access security

data sharing services

API services

dataminer data acquisition

A solution that unconditionally ensures a powerful end-to-end perspective on your complete operation, cutting right through any vendor and technology domains, from service origin to destination.


With Skyline Communications, conflicts of interest will not get in the way of your successful deployment and your being able to leverage your investments to the maximum extent.

  • fully independent corporation
  • laser-focused to innovate
  • zero conflicts of interest


DataMiner cuts across every conceivable domain in the ICT, media and broadband landscape, every conceivable product from every vendor, and every type of interface, data or API out there. It supports every possible category of integration you will ever need.

  • truly agnostic solution
  • integrates with any possible parts of your operation
  • now and any time in the future


DataMiner features open-source drivers, meaning that there is complete transparency of how DataMiner handles the data source or third-party product.

DataMiner Integration Catalog

  • open-source format
  • anybody can create new interface adapters or integrate new data sources and products
  • modify and develop at any time

Unique concept

The DataMiner data acquisition & control layer is based on truly unique and innovative concepts. It is the only solution that combines both monitoring and control functionalities for your entire operation. It also provides a fully abstracted and standardized real-time updated software model of all managed objects. You never have to worry about the specifics of the underlying technology that makes up your operation.

  • real-time availability of all your data sources and products
  • apply standard alarm templates
  • integrate your automation and orchestration workflows
  • forecasting and anomaly detection with integrated AI functionality


Integrating new technologies, strategic changes in your business models, launching new service offerings, dealing with unexpected competitors or new customer demands? DataMiner enables you to move quickly, and in any direction, whenever you need to.

  • designed for maximum agility
  • featuring powerful versioning and live run-time evolutions
  • supported by IDE toolset (DataMiner Integration Studio)
  • collaborative CI/CD setting

Purpose designed

While DataMiner manages mainstream ICT infrastructure and resources like a champion, it really shines in a media & broadband context. Simply because it was purpose-designed by subject matter experts for this kind of ecosystem. Because at the end of the day, media & broadband is just much more than mainstream ICT.

  • standard frameworks to manage RF signals and resources
  • integration of signal routing solutions (L-band, ASI, SDI or IP)
  • button control panels
  • media & broadband service end points (STBs, modems, OLTs, OTT software clients and apps, etc.)

Real-time harmonious data
across your entire operation

DataMiner is a proven technology, with an unrivalled catalog of 7000+ drivers for products from over 1000 different vendors. It is the fastest growing collection of integrations, supported by thousands of media & broadband companies around the world that run their operation with DataMiner, and it is widely endorsed by leading technology vendors.

DataMiner Integration Catalog

Build your data-driven operation
on a rock-solid and standardized foundation

DataMiner is simply your guarantee that you can consolidate all data
across all data sources and products that are relevant for your operation.

any domain

DataMiner is designed to integrate your entire media, ICT and broadband operation end to end, across any imaginable domain. It is the only solution in the industry that is guaranteed to do that, with proven deployments in all those areas.

  • all-IP networks
  • legacy ASI/SDI infrastructure
  • satellite downlinks & uplinks
  • media data center
  • mainstream ICT infrastructure
  • MCRs, playout facilities, production studios, etc.
  • encoding and processing platforms
  • OTT infrastructure
  • all types of distribution plants
  • ...

any category

Not only the components that make up your operation need to be managed. DataMiner also supports the same capabilities towards the integration of auxiliary data sources and so-called northbound data sources.

  • inventory databases
  • service catalogs
  • ticketing and incident management
  • time schedule and planning tools
  • billing systems
  • planned maintenance
  • online portals
  • ...

any interface

DataMiner provides you with the peace of mind that whatever is needed and whatever comes next, it can be connected with your existing software stack and operational workflows with minimal effort.

  • proprietary legacy interfaces
  • industry-standard protocols
  • polled data or unsolicited data
  • structured or unstructured data
  • tiny IP packets or big pipes of streaming data
  • APIs or log files that need to be crawled or indexed
  • ...

any product

DataMiner is designed to manage anything, no matter if it is deployed on-premises or off-premises. DataMiner is simply your guarantee that you can consolidate all data across all data sources and products that are relevant for your operation.

  • standard and legacy technology
  • switches, routers, servers, etc.
  • HPAs, ACUs, CMTSs, VOD servers, CDNs, analyzers, etc.
  • hardware and software products
  • cloud services
  • ...

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