Save up to 43% on data storage costs with DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS)

STaaS enables your organization to save on costs and time instantly by replacing your high-maintenance on-prem storage with a secure, zero-touch, and hassle-free storage service.

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Efficient pricing: pay only for what you use, regardless of traffic

STaaS empowers organizations with a hassle-free data storage solution for their DataMiner platform, unlocking significant savings in both storage infrastructure and valuable engineering time.

Less setup - more efficiency

Less setup, more efficiency

Activate STaaS in a flash for seamless operations

Less Effort - More Value

Less effort, more value

Effortlessly expand storage worldwide to match your requirements

Less Costs - More Security

Less cost, more security

Achieve enhanced security with significant cost savings

Unrivaled performance and scalability

Delivered as a true cloud service, STaaS requires zero maintenance and offers scalability that adapts to your specific deployment needs. Leveraging Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Table storage, it ensures high performance, availability, and multi-region coverage.

Time is money, save both

Save valuable time by implementing high-value automation and leveraging data insights that drive your business forward at an unprecedented pace.

Fort Knox security, seamless operations

DataMiner STaaS is fully hosted within the highly secure and triple redundant Azure Cloud Cosmos DB and Azure Table Storage environments, ensuring high availability, global distribution, and turnkey capabilities.

Supreme flexibility, ultimate scalability

Pay as you go and seamlessly scale up and down with the changing tides of your business, ensuring a cost-efficient storage solution that grows with you.

Unlimited power at your fingertips

Unlock instant activation and deployment, ensuring your data infrastructure is ready to power your ambitions at a moment's notice.

Effortless efficiency, zero headaches

Say goodbye to maintenance hassles and let DataMiner STaaS effortlessly handle your storage needs, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Around the globe, around your needs

Enjoy a global multi-region offering, allowing your data to travel with your business, maximizing accessibility and aligning perfectly with your security and country regulations.



Carefree data storage solution with up to 43% cost savings in 5 years

Depending on the data nature and chosen storage strategy, DataMiner STaaS calculations indicate potential cost saving of up to 43% over a 5-year period compared to on-premises storage computing. Given the volatile nature of upfront and annual perational costs, StaaS is undeniably a game-changer.

Graphic STaaS

Simulation based on 2 storage servers in high-availability mode (triple redundancy)  
Direct Savings: guaranteed savings based on general expenses  
Potential Savings: actual savings could be significantly higher depending on potential set-backs for on-prem solutions (e.g. security breaches, hardware failures, etc.)

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