DataMiner Augmented Operation levels up your organization with artificial intelligence

DataMiner Augmented Operation enables you to leverage big data and artificial intelligence.     
With this fully integrated out-of-the-box solution and its self-learning technology, you make the move from a reactive to a proactive management platform and save valuable time to focus on what really matters.

DataMiner Augmented Operation

reduce effort and cost

setup & maintenance over time

focus on your operation

rely on more accurate results


The more data, the more difficult for humans
to get any meaningful info or draw conclusions from that data

These days, enormous amounts of data can be collected from your operational ecosystem, which you can leverage in many ways. That’s why we've built a new sophisticated NMS that gives you precisely that ability.

DataMiner augmented Operations

make the shift from
reactive to proactive management

DataMiner Augmented Operation captures, correlates and analyzes all data sources in real time. It learns the relationships between metrics and generates alarms when anomalies are detected. This predictive approach improves performance and reduces system downtime.

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  • Trend forecast in trend display

  • Trend indicators in data display

DataMiner comes out of the box with automatic AI-powered forecasting on all key metrics, enabling sophisticated detection of deviations from normal behavior, with zero configuration effort.

Fault detection

  • Change point identification

  • Behavioral anomaly detection

  • Configuration anomaly detection

  • Proactive cap detection

  • Labelling and autodetection

Instead of relying on manually defined and updated alarm thresholds, Intelligent Fault Detection applies advanced autonomous learning in order to intelligently detect when faults occur.

Incident analysis

  • Incident recognition

  • Deep root cause analysis

Automated analysis of faults and overall system behavior in order to identify incidents, enabling operators to manage their operation from an incident perspective.


  • Assisted data analytics

  • Adaptive dashboards

  • Automatic suggestions

Advanced artificial intelligence technology is applied to assist operators so they can manage a live operation more easily and efficiently.

One consolidated management system:
interpret the full rich context of alarms

DataMiner is the only ecosystem that considers the:

  • time of occurrence
  • elements and parameters involved
  • services involved
  • connectivity between elements
  • properties (eg. IDP, physical location)
This way to learn how
DataMiner Augmented Operations

no manual pre-analysis

no time-consuming setup & configuration

no maintenance over time

Experience our live demo system 

Catch a first glimpse of DataMiner and see for yourself why it's the leading NMS/OSS solution for the ICT media and broadband industry! 

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