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Sky (UK)

Maintaining QoS at Sky

Sky is Europe’s leading media and entertainment company, based in the UK. For such a large company, it can be a challenge to maintain service quality. After all, the bar constantly rises to keep your customers happy, and competitors are aware of that.

But they’ve found a way to stay on top. With DataMiner in place, they have end-to-end visibility on all their operational positions. The only thing their operators need to do is log in, and DataMiner takes care of the rest. Sky can now manage their channels and resources efficiently, and in a future-proof way too. Detecting the problem as soon it occurs, that’s what DataMiner does at Sky, and that goes for any kind of data source. Sky has a fully redundant system with no single point of failure and can quickly resolve any issue to maximize their customers’ experience.

Dataminer in action at Sky

Sony (JP)

Live Element Orchestrator

Multinational SONY is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In the development of their first orchestration solution, the Live Element Orchestrator (LEO), they were looking for a way to increase the performance and utilization of resources. Reducing the system downtime was also very important for them to further improve productivity in content production.

SONY therefore implemented DataMiner as the core technology of their LEO solution, resulting in an unmatched unified and end-to-end solution. The collaboration enables them to offer more value and operability to customers investing in IP-based live production.

Sony Live Element Orchestrator powered by DataMiner

VodafoneZiggo (NL)

Monitoring KPIs & meeting SLAs

VodafoneZiggo is one of the Netherlands’ leading service providers offering fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to both consumers and businesses. In their line of business, it is vital to assure continuous customer QoS, but they face a constant pressure to improve operational efficiency and to adapt to the rapid technology transitions.

DataMiner gives VodafoneZiggo the visibility and control they need to meet the SLA levels of their business customers. They are now in the position to manage availability and performance indicators (KPIs) of each VPN service, for each customer, end to end from the IP core to the enterprise terminals.


Al Jazeera (QT)

End-to-end management

Al Jazeera is one of the most influential news networks in the world, based in Doha, Qatar. They have a huge global audience and their network consists of many underlying technologies, which makes the transportation of media and data a complex matter.

To get the best out of their network, Al Jazeera required unified media workflows that are fully transparent across the different technologies. That’s why they chose DataMiner to manage their services end to end. Our platform is independent from technology vendors and is therefore the perfect fit for companies like Al Jazeera, who now have the freedom to deploy whatever technology that’s most suitable.


Norkring (NO)

Control every single component

Norkring is a leading provider of broadcasting services in Norway and operates one of the largest networks in Europe. As their network spans across a vast territory, which means having to consider factors such as extreme weather conditions, designing and operating it successfully is a major undertaking.

With DataMiner, Norkring can process the enormous amount of continuously collected operational data in real time. The solution provides them with instant and transparent end-to-end service-oriented perspective on their entire operation, across all vendor and technology boundaries.

Norking leaps forward with DataMiner

QVC Japan selects DataMiner to manage SMPTE ST-2110 based productions

QVC Japan (JP)

Orchestrating services end to end

QVC Japan is part of the global QVC enterprise, a major shopping TV channel that takes the shopping experience to a higher level. As a result of their viewers’ shifting to UHD television, they had to reshape their entire organization in order to be able to produce 4K content. A new, sophisticated network management system was needed to support them during and after the technology innovations they were facing.

DataMiner enabled QVC Japan to reach their goal: to fully comply with the SMPTE ST-2110 standard for the delivery of uncompressed video, audio and metadata over IP networks, ensuring interoperability across their entire ecosystem. They are now fully equipped to manage their entire facility through just one single unified interface.

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