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Customers need a partner that can help them build and design agile data-driven ecosystems that empower their users and optimize continuous innovation.

DataMiner is the essential tool that unlocks the power of transformative technology for your customers. With its strategic capabilities, it helps organizations gain valuable insights, optimize their resources and more. DataMiner brings the new generation of technology to life.

Your role

Realigning to the needs of a changing market

The key objective is to build an agile, data-driven operational ecosystem that can be evolved easily and continuously. DataMiner strongly focuses on that tooling layer that wraps around the core processing products and delivers on that.

General consultancy & guidance

The transition to transformational technology is impacting anything imaginable related to an operation and organization. Customers need partners who share the new mindset, and empower their organization. This is the world of Agility, DevOps, CI/CD, continuous learning, data-driven empowerment, collaboration, continuous innovation, and so on.

Innovation services

The new generation of transformational technology can be leveraged in countless of ways. Today everyone, including yourself, can be a creator and innovator and go to market with an exclusive offering. More than ever, you hold the key to success and no longer is this solely a prerogative of product or technology vendors.

Implementation services

Imagine new types of services, new workflows and ways to leverage products and technology. DataMiner empowers you to now also realize your plans, turning those exclusive concepts into tangible deliverables. You can go to market either with a solution offering or a professional services offering.

System architecture consultancy & services

In the last few years, software development has become much more about building and designing an ecosystem rather than just a set of tools to support a specific type of business or operation. The latter adds a new dimension to any project, which is far more strategic and relevant compared to the core infrastructure.


Technology Partner

Skyline's efforts to empower customers to create innovative workflows through their partner ecosystem are truly admirable. Skyline continues to inspire the industry, setting high standards for excellence and innovation.

Michael Demb

Vice President of Product Strategy at TAG V.S.

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Whether you offer solutions, provide services or integrate technology, our program allows you to always serve our customers, vary your offerings and build a profitable business development network.

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DataMiner Reseller

Qualify for resale of DataMiner

System integrator

Utilize DataMiner in your system integration efforts

Solution provider

Imagine, build, and deploy innovative solutions based on DataMiner

Staff Augmentation partner

Set up your dedicated DataMiner DevOps team to generate value continuously

Technology partner

Ensure quality integrations and innovative use cases for your products with DataMiner

OEM partner

Leverage DataMiner as your standard network management and OSS solution

Strategic alliance

Go above and beyond and join our mission to reshape the world


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