Transforming cities 
and industries

Join a data-driven revolution tailored for smart cities, industrial IoT, energy management, and environmental monitoring. DataMiner seamlessly integrates data, fostering innovations specific to your industry.

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Propel yourself 
into a data-driven future

DataMiner stands as the catalyst for smart cities, industrial IoT, energy management, and environmental monitoring. Effortlessly converting environments into secure, data-driven powerhouses, DataMiner uniquely addresses challenges in each domain.

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Take full control over your IoT fleet 
with dataminer.IoTOps

DataMiner enables you to easily and efficiently transform your entire environment into a secure data-driven powerhouse and to start reaping the benefits of digital transformation in no time.

data and controls

Any data & controls

Seamlessly integrate diverse data sources across your organization with DataMiner, handling interfaces and protocols effortlessly.

digital twin

Create a unified digital twin

Experience a secure and efficient digital transformation as DataMiner unifies and updates diverse data into a single digital twin.

modular functions

Easy-to-use modular functions

Effortlessly innovate with DataMiner's versatile modular functions, generating massive value for your digital data-driven operations.

data collaboration

Safe unified data collaboration

Foster collaboration and agility with DataMiner, ensuring standardized, secure consumption of digital twin data for everyone in your organization and beyond.

dataminer.IoTOps for smart cities

a secure foundation for innovation and well-being

Turn your city into a secure, data-driven hub where innovation meets control. In a rapidly evolving world, DataMiner provides the secure foundation for your smart city. Allowing you to continuously innovate, leverage data, and enhance the well-being of your community.

Streetlight Management

Streetlight Management

DataMiner's cutting-edge technology transforms streetlight management into a dynamic and responsive system to enhance energy efficiency, monitor performance, and respond proactively to maintenance needs.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

DataMiner transforms environmental management into a dynamic and responsive system, enabling real-time insights to optimize resource utilization, monitor ecosystem performance, and proactively address sustainability goals.

Citizens Services and Engagement

Citizens Services & Engagement

DataMiner seamlessly integrates feedback mechanisms, streamlines service delivery, and proactively addresses community needs, propelling your community towards a connected and responsive future.

ICT Infrastructure Management

ICT Infrastructure Management

From resource allocation to cybersecurity, DataMiner ensures a comprehensive and streamlined approach to ICT infrastructure management, paving the way for a resilient and future-ready digital ecosystem.

dataminer.IoTOps is also for:

Energy Management​
Electric Vehicle Charging​​
Building Management​​
Public Safety & Security Management​​
Waste Management​​
Gas & Water Management​​
Parking & Traffic Flow Management​​
Crowd Control ​​
Cloud Services Management​​
Public Data Services​

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Leverage all data to reduce your footprint, lower operational cost, or boost public security

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dataminer.IoTOps for industrial IoT
the power of connectivity for sustained growth

In a world where connectivity and digitization reign supreme, DataMiner empowers you to adapt and thrive by converting raw data into tangible business value.

IoT connectivity
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Stay one step ahead by predicting and handling maintenance needs, making sure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Quality control and Monitoring

Quality control and Monitoring 

Up your quality and operations with DataMiner. Perfect your game through precision in quality control and vigilant monitoring.

Data Analytics and Insights

Data Analytics and Insights 

Use DataMiner Augmented Operations to gain valuable insights, providing a strategic advantage in decision-making for your industrial operation.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your supply chain and resource utilization seamlessly with DataMiner, ensuring operational efficiency.

Asset Tracking & Management

Asset Tracking & Management

Streamline your operations with DataMiner, ensuring real-time visibility and control over your valuable assets for enhanced efficiency.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Gain insights into energy consumption patterns, optimize usage, and reduce costs, all while contributing to a sustainable industrial environment.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control your industrial processes remotely, ensuring flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency in operations.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Implement proactive measures, monitor safety protocols, and create a secure industrial environment for your team.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management 

Optimize routes, track vehicle performance, and enhance overall fleet efficiency for a seamless and cost-effective industrial transportation system.

“The key differentiator with DataMiner is that you can leverage a unified digital twin and innovate cross domain out of the box, without the need for expensive time-consuming integration projects.”

Judith Black • CEO of Workcation

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dataminer.IoTOps for energy management

Managing power for a brighter tomorrow

DataMiner helps you easily handle the ever-changing and complex world of energy by offering a state-of-the-art, data-driven solution. It speeds up innovation, supports ongoing progress, and turns your varied energy data into real benefits. This lets you put future solutions into action even before you think of them.

Optimize utilization​

Reduce cost​

Reduce footprint​

Proactive maintenance​

Intelligent control ​

Optimize logistics​

Ensure compliance​

Integration of renewables​

Remote monitoring and control​

Peak demand management​

Energy Management
Use Case - Nationwide Power Utilization Management

Use Case

Nationwide power 
utilization management

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Use Case

Use Case

Field power supply 
manager for cable

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Use Case

Use Case

Energy management of
technical infrastructure

read more

Empowering IoTOps 
transform your future with DataMiner

Dive into the realm of IoTOps and revolutionize your digital journey with DataMiner. Discover how it elevates operations, empowers your team, and fuels unprecedented innovation.

Beyond technology

Unleash the power of an agile digital world


Agile culture and mindset

Goal-oriented, transparent, and continuously evolving our ecosystem thrives on an Agile culture, ensuring iterative value delivery.



DataMiner offers a wealth of easy-to-use functions for data acquisition and control, data processing, automation, and analytics (AI) as well as out-of-the-box media apps.



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