How Totalplay revolutionized its channel routing workflow

The challenge: manual routing madness

Totalplay grappled with the manual routing of over 300 output IP flows (channels), leading to extended service downtime. This, of course, jeopardized customer satisfaction and hindered overall business productivity. The once manageable task had transformed into an ordeal, demanding a swift and effective resolution.

The solution: unparalleled control and flexibilty

Totalplay found a game-changing solution in DataMiner, with the support of DataMiner solutions integrator NGN Telecom. Leveraging DataMiner's Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Totalplay completely revamped its channel routing process allowing channels to be routed individually, in groups, or all at once. This provided unparalleled control and flexibility over their operations.

The only limiting thing about DataMiner is one's imagination.

Julio Antonio Trejo Martin, Director IPTV/TI at Totalplay

The benefits

Decreased workload: The impact of DataMiner on Totalplay's workflow was transformative. Manual channel routing that once took several minutes or even an hour was now accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Reduced downtime: Automation through DataMiner significantly reduced service downtime and improved failure recovery time, propelling Totalplay toward operational excellence.

The partnership between NGN Telecom and DataMiner empowered Totalplay to revolutionize its channel routing process, achieving operational excellence and positioning the company as a leader in the telecommunications industry. But DataMiner's capabilities not only addressed the immediate challenge, they also provided Totalplay with the tools to swiftly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven operations.

Totalplay is a Mexican telecommunication company, offering cable television, fiber optic internet and fixed telephony services

Founded in 2004

Using DataMiner since 2015