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Today's fast-paced world is bursting with opportunity! But it's up to you to find the right opportunities, turn them into real value, and increase your organization's impact. With this program we guide you and your teams toward maximizing the value that you can generate for your business in a data-driven future.

The DataMiner DevOps Professionals program is specially designed for:

Solution Providers
Technology Vendors
Co-branding Partners
Create user experiences

Create User Experiences

Create low-code apps or turn your data into beautiful dashboards and share them with your colleagues.

Deliver actionable insights

Deliver Actionable Insights

Grab your data and turn it into multiple KPIs/KQIs linked to your business objectives.

Digitise your workflows

Digitize Workflows

Start modeling DataMiner Object Models (DOM) and process automation workflows.

Automate and orchestrate

Automate and Orchestrate

Effortlessly reach the optimal level of automation with DataMiner Service and Resource Management (SRM).

Digital twin modelling

Digital Twin Modeling

Seamlessly connect your infrastructure management with operations and vice versa.

Integrate data sources

Integrate Data Sources

Integrate your DataMiner System with any third-party product.

How does the DevOps program work?

The future is all about leveraging transformational technology. It is about tapping into the power of all-IP, virtualized, and cloudified ecosystems and creating maximum value with the least amount of effort. You are the creator of this masterplan. DataMiner is merely the enabler. But together, you have limitless potential. So, let's start creating value today! 

Getting started  

By subscribing to the DataMiner DevOps Professionals program as an organization or as an individual you will unlock a broad range of exclusive benefits to accelerate your business

Subscription is free of charge, and you can apply at any time using the form below. Upon acceptance, you will be part of the exclusive DataMiner DevOps Professional program. But with great power, comes great responsibility: you will also have to commit to complying with the values, principles, and specific obligations outlined by the program to maintain or grow your DevOps status

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Master your skills

Master certain skills related both to DataMiner and to affiliated key technologies and a broader set of related topics. Your level of compliance and alignment with those expectations is measured in DevOps Points, which you can accumulate continuously and almost effortlessly by merely working and learning as a DataMiner DevOps Professional on a day-to-day basis.

There are three levels available for DataMiner DevOps Professionals, with advocate being the entry level and catalyst being the top tier.

DataMiner DevOps Advocate
DataMiner DevOps Enabler
DataMiner DevOps Catalyst


As a DataMiner DevOps Professional you are expected to align with important key values and the DataMiner culture, as well as master certain skills related to DataMiner, affiliated key technologies and broader related topics. Your level of compliance is measured by DevOps points. Learn more about DevOps points.  

DataMiner DevOps Professionals

Get Rewarded

The benefits of being part of the exclusive DataMiner DevOps Professionals community are very diverse. They range from small personal perks, to gaining access to exclusive content, all the way to bumping up your DataMiner Support Plan from the standard Continuity level to the added-value Evolve Plan, which includes premium SLAs and even free credits for you to spend. Learn more about the all the benefits.

Access to the Evolve Support Plan

Bump up your DataMiner Support Plan from Continuity to Evolve, resulting in various very substantial benefits such as premium SLAs and free credits to get expert consultancy to further increase the value for your business.



Free Personal DataMiner Licenses

Get any DataMiner software free of charge for testing and development purposes.


Access to DIS Source Code

Get exclusive access to the entire DIS Source Code, enabling you to understand the capabilities even better, and to contribute to the further evolution of it.


Priority Community Support

Your exclusive DataMiner DevOps Professional status triggers priority treatment from the entire Skyline community, resulting in faster responses to ensure that you can achieve your goals faster than ever.




Access to Exclusive Content

To further support and accelerate you and to empower you with knowledge, we will provide you with exclusive content. You will be the first to know, the first to weigh in, and the first to benefit from the transformational power of DataMiner.



Join Developer Reviews

Whenever we work on developing evolutions of DataMiner that are important for you, our development squads will include you in regular standup meetings, so that you can provide feedback in real time and achieve your goals quicker.


Convert Dojo credits into Cloud credits

Your DOJO activity is converted into credits you can spend in the swag shop on DataMiner Dojo, but as an accredited DataMiner DevOps Professional, you can also convert these into free-of-charge DataMiner Cloud credits to further accelerate your ambitions.




Connect with fellow DataMiner DevOps Professionals

Share your latest Low-Code App creation or DatMiner use case, get your questions answered from the Developer Program community, or read up on the latest updates on the DataMiner Platform.

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If you want to become a DataMiner DevOps Professional you need a Dojo account. Don’t have a Dojo account yet? Create one now – it only takes a minute!

If you want to become a DataMiner DevOps Professional you need a Dojo account. Don’t have a Dojo account yet? Create one now – it only takes a minute!