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empowering your digital transformation

The DataMiner Cloud Platform represents a genuine paradigm shift, offering innovative and game-changing solutions. Solutions that ensure a successful transition of your business into the new emerging ICT media and broadband landscape and that empower digital transformation programs.

Dojo Community

DataMiner Dojo, which is open for everybody, brings people from the ICT media and broadband industry together to exchange knowledge and expertise both on DataMiner specifically and on any other hot industry topics relevant to building and managing an agile, data-driven operation.

The entire Skyline community, counting well over 350 subject matter experts, uses Dojo as the primary platform to publish and share information and knowledge. As a result, knowledge and experience can flow more easily and generously than ever before between community members from across the world.


The catalog service is destined to become the central repository for all kinds of components to facilitate and accelerate the use of DataMiner for anybody. While the initial version already offers access to DataMiner’s vast library of interface connectors, which provide out-of-the-box integrations with over 7000 connectors, the catalog is also slated to support easy deployment services for dashboards, automation workflows and much more.

Live Sharing

The DataMiner Live Sharing service enables anybody with a DataMiner System to share select live operational data and system controls with anybody in the world with a single click in a professionally and highly secured, scalable on-demand manner. The Live Sharing service truly redefines how operational ICT media and broadband ecosystems can be managed, exploited and operated, and how different actors can collaborate in novel and hyper-agile ways.

Project Collaboration

The DataMiner Project Collaboration module is specifically tailored towards the management of design and development activities for modern ICT media and broadband solutions. It enables agile collaboration between members of a distributed DevOps team, ensuring the delivery of maximum value for your business in a continuous fashion.

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how to access the DataMiner Cloud Platform?

I have a corporate email address linked to a social account

If your corporate email address is linked to a Microsoft, Google, Amazon or LinkedIn account, you can simply proceed by selecting one of those login methods to authenticate yourself via those third-party identity providers, and access DCP instantly.

This option is the preferred choice, if available, as you can then reuse your existing account rather than having to make a new dedicated one.

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I don't have a corporate email address linked to a social account

You can also opt to create a dedicated DCP account via the ”Sign Up” option at the bottom of the authentication window. You will then be invited to create a DCP account with your corporate email address and a password of your choice. This will then give you access to DCP.

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