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  • Today, businesses increasingly rely on a variety of software products to drive their data-driven operations. However, the inherent vulnerabilities and complexities within these applications can lead to cybersecurity threats if not handled carefully. That's why it's crucial for companies to embrace screening strategies when selecting new software components, ranging from streamlined software choices to ensuring rigorous access controls and API security measures. These strategies serve as the cornerstone for organizations to bolster their overall security posture and fortify themselves against the ever-evolving challenges of the digital realm.

  • Whatever type of business you are running, today it all revolves around being able to deal with continuous change. This is simply the new operational paradigm as change is everywhere and must be dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

  • While the media industry is accelerating toward IP technology, many companies still don’t see the bigger picture. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the pitfalls of the traditional approach to transitioning to IP and unlock the secrets to a successful transition through Digital Transformation.

  • Digital Transformation is a critical process for every organization, but it can be confusing to understand and implement. Learn how to clarify the goal of your Digital Transformation and ensure that everyone in your organization is on the same page.

  • The IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is replacing analogue signals like Black and Burst, Tri-level Sync, DARS, 10MHz or 1PPS. Monitoring and actively managing your PTP infrastructure 24/7, end to end, has simply become a must. A 360° PTP monitoring solution should also apply additional PTP security mechanisms, such as to prevent PTP slave devices becoming a PTP Grandmaster. Additional security can be achieved by using the Acceptable Master Tables (AMT) from the IEEE1588 standard.

  • The days when service providers were categorized according to their access technology are already long gone. Today, hybrid access infrastructures have become the norm, and for several different reasons too. That's why the need for a new networked structure, the Converged Interconnect Network (CIN), arises.