Build cutting-edge web applications

Custom apps made easy

DataMiner Low-Code Apps empower you to easily design, deploy, and use custom-built web applications to perform your daily tasks more efficiently and deliver more value.

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Create user experiences

Easily accessible data & insights

Create low-code apps or turn your data into beautiful dashboards and share them with your colleagues.

Deliver actionable insights

Leverage your data

Transform your data into actionable KPIs/KQIs to efficiently track, monitor, and manage your business objectives.

Digitise your workflows

Highly customizable

Create tailored experiences by leveraging DataMiner Object Models (DOM) and Process Automation workflows.

Automate and orchestrate

Seamless data integration

Low-Code Apps seamlessly integrate with your DataMiner System, providing access to your entire data lake.


Collaboration and sharing

Share data and controls with relevant stakeholders, fostering teamwork and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Empower employees

Empowering non-coders

Empower users with limited coding abilities to actively contribute to digital transformation initiatives.

Take charge of your data in a snap with custom apps

DataMiner Low-Code Apps are all about empowering everybody across your organization and beyond with actionable data and easy controls.

Create experiences tailored to very specific teams, responsibilities, and roles so that everyone has their part in boosting the efficiency of your operation and business to new heights.

Create custom Low-Code Apps with ease

With our user-friendly app designer, you don't need to be a coding expert to build powerful apps. Simply drag and drop components onto the canvas and add the data from your DataMiner System.

Unlock the potential to create custom applications that enhance efficiency and drive results, all without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Effortlessly manage and utilize data from any source

Seamlessly integrate data from your DataMiner System, or an external source, and tap into your entire data lake.

Visualize your data with charts, graphs or lists, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Streamline and automate your workflows

Low-Code Apps are so much more than well-organized dashboards: they also allow for powerful control capabilities. With the DataMiner Automation Engine, you can seize complete control of your apps. 

Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and support even the most complex use cases.

DataMiner Low-Code Apps

Built with DataMiner Low-Code Apps

Witness the limitless possibilities of DataMiner Low-Code Apps in action. Explore a showcase of innovative and practical applications that have been built using our powerful platform.

To access some of this content, you need a DataMiner DOJO account. Creating this account is quick and easy, and will allow you to access not only these use cases, but also countless articles, videos, and more.

DataMiner Low Code Apps examples

Leverage the power of our DevOps functions to create the most powerful Low-Code Apps

DataMiner Functions are the foundation of your data-driven operation. They enable you to create powerful solutions by cherry-picking only the building blocks you need.

Their modular architecture lets you build a scalable operation and integrate with third-party applications and services. This gives you the flexibility to create better, faster, and cheaper solutions!

Object modeling

DataMiner Object Models (DOM)

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers DevOps squads to extend DataMiner’s digital twin with any object you can imagine, to organize your operation and business more efficiently than ever before. Have access to scheduling information, work orders, address books, contacts, costing and rating information, as well as other relevant data, all from a single interface.

Enrich your operations with administrative and business-related data

Automation Engine

Orchestration and Automation

Experience unparalleled efficiency by leveraging the power of automation and orchestration. Seamlessly streamline and optimize complex processes, eliminating manual efforts and maximizing productivity.

Maximize efficiency with powerful automation and orchestration 

Process Automation

DataMiner Process Automation

DataMiner Process Automation is a functionality to manage and automate your non-linear file workflows and connect technology with people. With DataMiner Process Automation, you can weave together people, functions, and technology into one seamless flow, and redefine the meaning of “end to end”.

Convert bits and bytes into uncluttered dashboards and easy control panels

Discover the power of DataMiner Low-Code Apps

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Create powerful apps regardless of your coding abilities

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Use button components in DataMiner Low-Code Apps

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Build your first low-code app (Bringing the Thunder series)

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Leverage the automation engine with DataMiner Low-Code Apps

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Leveraging the Automation Engine in Low-Code Apps

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Using side panels in DataMiner Low-Code Apps

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Using panels in DataMiner Low-Code Apps

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Switch configurations use case with DataMiner Low-Code Apps

Use Case

Switch configuration with Low-Code Apps

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Media Asset Workflow automation use case

Use Case (Telestream Vantage)

Media Asset Workflow Automation

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To access some of this content, you need a DataMiner DOJO account. Creating this account is quick and easy, and will allow you to access not only these use cases, but also countless articles, videos, and more.

DataMiner Low-Code Apps: 5 things you need to know