How Astro fortified its digital transformation journey

The challenge: streamlining complex feed management

Astro, Malaysia's prominent content and entertainment company, faced the challenge of efficiently managing the diverse aspects of its broadcasting operations. With a vast reach, serving 5.7 million homes, 8,300 enterprises, and a significant digital audience, Astro needed a robust solution to streamline the management of incoming feeds across content, infrastructure, and business layers. The complexity of its operations demanded a solution that aligned with both immediate needs and future objectives, delivering the flexibility and agility required to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape with ease.

The solution: taking back control

With DataMiner in place, Astro has taken back the reins of its feed management, entrusting the complexities to the newly implemented solution featuring two main modules. The AI-powered Monitoring and Controleffectively manage the linear feed acquisition process.

By complementing that with our Service and Resource Management (SRM) orchestration module, they can step it up with flexible, workflow-based ad-hoc feed acquisition booking processes. This setup grants Astro the option to schedule activities manually or seamlessly automate them through integration with Astro's Media Asset Management (MAM) platform.

It is a solid, though flexible product, and our cooperation with Skyline allows us to build exactly what we need, with agility, further empowering our digital transformation process.

Nivendran Veerappan, Head of Broadcast Technology at Astro

The benefits

Efficient feed management: DataMiner's Monitoring and Control and SRM modules streamlined the entire feed acquisition and booking processes, enhancing efficiency in managing incoming feeds across content, infrastructure, and business layers.

Flexibility and agility: DataMiner allowed Astro to build a tailored system that aligned with its unique requirements. The flexibility of the platform enabled Astro to adapt to changing needs and industry trends, fostering agility in its operations.

Fortified digital transformation journey: With DataMiner as its trusted ally, Astro is equipped with all the necessary tools to thrive in the dynamically shifting media landscape, bolstering its competitive edge, fostering innovation, and fortifying its digital transformation journey. Plus, DataMiner's future-proof design empowers Astro to seamlessly adapt to emerging technologies and integrate with other NMS, OSS, and orchestration platforms.

DataMiner played a pivotal role in addressing Astro's challenges, offering a tailored and future-proof platform that empowered the company's digital transformation efforts while ensuring efficient and flexible management of its extensive broadcasting operations.

Astro is a Malaysian satellite television, streaming television and IPTV provider.

Founded in 1996

Using DataMiner since 2018