DataMiner SRM
Service and Resource Manager

DataMiner Service and Resource Management (SRM) empowers ICT media & broadband teams with a versatile toolset tailored to their orchestration and automation needs.

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DataMiner Service and Resource Manager

Decrease opex thanks to
far-reaching automation

Eliminate the most time-consuming, repetitive manual actions from your operation

Increase service uptime
and SLA levels

Reduce the risk of errors with integrated configuration validation

Deliver value instantly
and continuously

Get started with SRM without any coding and grow towards full service orchestration

A family of different use cases
working in harmony for you

When it comes to automation and orchestration, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But with DataMiner, DevOps engineers can cherry-pick the right tool for the right job, creating value in the fastest possible manner! Say hello to DataMiner’s SRM family: four different use cases that can flexibly be combined within or across workflows:

Resource Scheduling

Resource Scheduling

Keeps track of all resource schedules without automating actions, for maximum flexibility.

Resource Automation

Resource Automation

Configures complex resources with the click of a button.

Resource Orchestration

Resource Orchestration

Combines the power of resource schedules with automatic configuration actions at booking start and end.

Service Orchestration

Service Orchestration

Orchestrates the entire service life cycle; ideal for your most repetitive workflows.

Each workflow within your operation has its optimal level of automation. But to achieve this optimal level, you need a good balance between the amount of repetitive manual activity needed in the workflow and the development effort for creating and testing automation.

The renewed DataMiner SRM stack empowers teams to cherry-pick the right tools for the right job at the right moment, so that they can effortlessly reach that optimal level of automation.

Empower teams with a modular toolset tailored to their automation & orchestration needs

Any initiative in your organization that requires automation and orchestration is a journey. It is impossible to delay your on-air dates because the automation is not yet in its “ideal” end state. Agility for DevOps teams is therefore table stakes.

The four different DataMiner SRM use cases are the toolbox empowering DevOps teams on that journey. DevOps teams can mix and match use cases at will within a single operation—and even a single service! What’s more, they can immediately start using DataMiner SRM without writing a single line of code.

DataMiner Service and Resource Management (SRM)

For a detailed description of the features and capabilities of each of these modules check out DataMiner Dojo.

Key features


wide range of possibilities for booking schedules


schedule-aware monitoring


keeps track of used capacity over time of all your resources


open automation engine to fully customize all behavior


support for resources of any kind: physical, virtual, cloud-based, human…


vendor-independent profiles


expose elementary functional capabilities of complex products as individual virtual functions


calculate intelligent network paths for your services across your network resources


powerful automated orchestration of all service lifecycle transitions


interfaces with any external scheduling system


SLA Management (optional)

Your benefits

decreased OPEX as a result of far-reaching automation

increases service uptime and SLA levels

unify all your resource and service schedules into one

streamline your most complex event schedules

eliminate resources conflicts: your planned services are guaranteed to run, even if planned way ahead of time

benefit from technology abstraction during service design

launch new services with a couple of clicks

optimize your resource utilization on-premises and in the cloud

increase speed and reliability of your operations

focus on incidents that matter based on service impact

grow the platform yourself using DevOps practices

Extend your capabilities

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