DataMiner IDP
Infrastructure Discovery & Provisioning

The DataMiner IDP suite seamlessly connects your infrastructure management with operations and vice versa.

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DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP)

Permanently up-to-date
inventory database

Interoperates with your entire inventory, regardless of vendor or protocol

Decreased opex thanks
to far-reaching automation

End-to-end automation of all infrastructure deployment and configuration workflows

Increased performance
and service availability

End-to-end automation of all infrastructure deployment and configuration workflows

infrastructure deployment

Manage and automate all network implementation workflows with DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery & Provisioning (IDP).

DataMiner IDP - Discovery Manager

Discovery Manager

Keep your inventory up to date with the Discovery Manager. This module discovers inventory in an automated manner. It not only detects new inventory, but also recognizes changes to existing inventory.

DataMiner IDP - Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager

With the Configuration Manager, the baseline configuration of all your operational assets is managed. It’s also the key component to managing element and Network Virtualized Function configuration in all imaginable aspects.

DataMiner IDP - Rack & Facility Manager

Rack & Facility Manager

An out-of-the-box solution for fully automated physical navigation through your entire operational ecosystem. The Rack & Facility Manager automatically creates the hierarchy of DataMiner rack views without any operator intervention.

DataMiner IDP - Provisioning Manager

Provisioning Manager

As soon as new inventory is discovered, the Provisioning Manager provisions the inventory either fully or semi-automatically. Operators are freed from tedious manual tasks and can count on any device and Network Virtualized Function being visible in DataMiner.

DataMiner IDP - Software Update Manager

Software Update Manager

Align your network with the Software Update Manager, the centralized coordinator of software images in your inventory. It deploys software versions to individual elements or at scale, and signals elements that do not run the expected version.

Manage and automate all your network implementation workflows

Automatically deploy new hardware infrastructure, software appliances and Network Virtualized Functions (NVF) more quickly, easily and consistently than ever before.

Extend your capabilities

Level up your business even further and explore all your options with these additional DataMiner solutions.