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DataMiner IDP

Zero-touch infrastructure deployment

you'll learn how to

get full control and visibility over your workflows

discover physical network topology using Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

guarantee alignment of configurations in the data center and the network

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About this product sheet

Today’s infrastructure deployments are highly dynamic and require a lot of expertise to bring new inventory into the operational environment in an easy and consistent manner, with minimal manual configuration and without breaking any existing services. DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP) is a unique DataMiner app that manages all aspects of infrastructure deployment. It runs on top of the DataMiner CMDB or is connected to your existing CMDB and takes care of automated and rule-based inventory discovery workflows, synchronized with your central inventory database, user-defined workflows to upload specific software images and system configurations to new inventory, and plug ‘n play creation of new managed elements in DataMiner including automated generation of graphical views such as locations, buildings, floors, rooms and highly detailed rack views. The IDP workflows run equally well on hardware inventory, chassis-based modular systems, software appliances and microservices in the data center.

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DataMiner Product Sheet - Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning app