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May 16 to 18 • Booth S1-D30

The media industry is changing rapidly! With the surge of new technologies, there are more opportunities than ever to enhance your operations and provide better services to your clients. But to truly succeed, you need to focus on agility, automation, and data-driven approaches.

Take charge of your own destiny at CABSAT 2023 and learn how to become a part of this exciting DevOps revolution. Elevate your operations to new heights with the leading DataMiner digital transformation platform.

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DataMiner SatOps:
Revolutionize your satellite network management

DataMiner is the ultimate solution for effortlessly managing satellite networks for government and defense, VSAT service providers, and broadcasters. And with our countless new features and capabilities, you can truly take your network management to the next level.

Create custom apps with ease 

The DataMiner Low-Code apps empower any DevOps engineer to create intuitive applications on top of the powerful DataMiner acquisition and control layer. Now, planning and booking SCPC links can be easily adjusted to the needs of booking teams.

Efficiently manage all your data from any source

Managing satellite and beam data for HTS and LEO constellations is now child's play: all data is stored in a user-definable DataMiner Object Model (DOM) database. Moreover, DOM objects can also be used to create any administrative data in your DataMiner System, including costing and billing info, personnel and staffing, trouble tickets, and much more.

Streamline all your operational, business, and technology workflows

With DataMiner Process Automation, you can manage and automate your non-linear file workflows and connect technology with people. You can now weave together people, functions, and technology into one seamless flow, and redefine the meaning of “end to end”.

Get inspired by some of our popular SatOps use cases:

Satellite B2B & B2C VSAT

Satellite technology is now ubiquitous in communication systems. To meet this demand, DataMiner leverages its extensive experience in managing IP networks and cloud platforms, bundling it with its domain knowledge in satcoms to provide intelligent solutions.

Satellite multi-service networks

To optimize capacity, satellite operators must combine multiple services, networks, constellations, infrastructure, and terminals. DataMiner can give operators an edge over the competition by enabling them to focus on uptime, bandwidth efficiency, and flexibility.

Satellite earth stations and teleports

Earth station and teleport operators are responsible for a complex, high-tech operation that must be reliable and flexible. DataMiner provides operators with easy access to all the control capabilities they need on a single pane of glass.

Digital news gathering

News value is closely tied to fast delivery to consumers, making it essential for news providers to have all possible tools at their disposal. DataMiner provides comprehensive coverage, from preparation to live broadcasting, for news providers.

Direct-to-home broadcasting (DTH)

News value is closely tied to fast delivery to consumers, making it essential for news providers to have all possible tools at their disposal. DataMiner provides comprehensive coverage, from preparation to live broadcasting, for news providers.

Data and Control - the fuel and key to success

Data from and control over your resources are your most valuable assets to achieve success in an ever-changing world where flexible but reliable technology is key.

Yet, this requires thorough vetting and processing before it can be turned into the real, tangible value we know to be so essential. That’s why DataMiner creates a real-time, fully standardized and secured digital twin of your entire operation, ensuring the streamlined management of your now easy-to-access operational, business, and technical data and controls.

Propel your business to new heights

From Live Dashboard Sharing to Storage as a Service, is designed to seamlessly propel your business into the digital age, equipping you with the tools to succeed in this rapidly evolving ICT media and broadband landscape. It's not just a service, it's a catalyst for digital transformation, driving your business toward a brighter, more connected future.

7000+ out-of-the-box connectors

DataMiner also provides unrestricted access to all products and data sources, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, cutting across all domains, products, and interfaces. A unique catalog of 7000+ connectors is available out of the box.

Digitize your entire operation

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers your DevOps squads to further extend DataMiner’s digital twin with ANY type of object imaginable, to organize your operation and business more efficiently than ever before. DataMiner users now have access to scheduling information, work orders, address books, contacts, costing and rating information, as well as any other relevant imaginable data, all from a single interface and through one unified workflow.

Become an empowered creator

One of the key trends in the ICT industry is the democratization of the development process of ICT solutions , involving more and more individuals from across your organization into the process of delivering value towards your operational goals and objectives. And DataMiner, too, already offers extensive capabilities in that respect, including its no-code apps for example.

However, with our brand-new DataMiner DevOps Professional Program, we are taking it to a whole new all-embracing level. The program empowers ambitious DevOps Professionals — from code whisperers to no-code wizards — to unlock their full potential as innovative solution creators and value delivery experts.

The program focuses on ensuring that creators can achieve the highest possible efficiency in converting their limited time into maximum value towards the set goals.

DataMiner DevOps Enablement Services

Let's connect at CABSAT (booth S1-D30)

CABSAT will be the perfect occasion to catch up on the latest industry news and evolutions, meet up with industry experts, and map together how you can boost your ambitions and transformation programs—all in one amazing show!

Pramod Gupta

Sales Director - Middle East & South Asia

Glenn D'Haene

VP Sales Operations

Thomas Gunkel

Market Director Broadcast

Speaking slot


Emerging Themes & Challenges within the Broad Media & Entertainment Eco-System

During this invitation-only Business Breakfast Briefing by IABM, Glenn D’Haene will participate in a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the MENA business environment, the state of the broadcast and media industry, media technology demand drivers and impact, and trends and opportunities in the Sub-Saharan Africa media.

Wednesday May 17, 2023 • 09:00 AM • CABSAT


Cloud-Based Live Production

In this presentation, Thomas Gunkel will discuss a real-world case study exploring how to efficiently orchestrate a multi-vendor environment in the cloud. The case study, developed in collaboration with Grass Valley, focuses on managing multiple hybrid/cloud-native solutions from different vendors to streamline and simplify cloud-based productions.

Wednesday May 17, 2023 • 10:45 AM • ASBU EVENT - CABSAT