Orchestrate the perfect sports production from start to finish

DataMiner is the all-in-one DevOps toolset to
efficiently manage the complete life cycle of
your sports events

Sports production

Score big and take your game
the next level

DataMiner empowers you with the right tools to generate value consistently and run your
sports productions better, faster, and cheaper.

Less effort

Less effort, more value

Maximize your resource utilization
and streamline your production
planning process

Less time

Less time, more value

Get things done faster by easily
implementing complex automation
& orchestration workflows

Less costs

Less costs, more value

Use your infrastructure and its resources
to their full capacity and decommision
unused resources


Occasional-use services for sport events

DataMiner provides you with the right tools to efficiently plan and automate your productions and transmissions, capture footage from anywhere in the world, create content at the fastest possible rate, and deliver premium media to any platform anywhere in the world.

Make connections across any network technology & any media format 

Use the DataMiner Software-Defined Media Networks (SDMN) solution and its SDN controller to deploy, manage, and monitor your IP media networks, both inside your facility and in the WAN interconnected media networks to every venue. DataMiner SDMN supports uncompressed signals in any possible configuration as well as compressed streams, all in one converged network.

Plan capacity up front and minimize costs

Plan the capacity of your IP media networks beforehand with the Service and Resource Management suite of tools and avoid network oversubscription at the time of the event. DataMiner's service management and orchestration will not only set up your media networks, but also deploy and orchestrate your on-premises or cloud-based virtualized production and distribution equipment, like cross converters or encoders.

Integrate & collaborate

DataMiner integrates all layers of network monitoring and support, up to the business layer, offering a full OSS/BSS integration. With all technical, operational, and business data available in DataMiner, DataMiner Live Dashboard Sharing is the perfect feature to easily share real-time information with any of your colleagues or even customers and subcontractors.

Harmonizing media and ICT with dataminer.MediaOps

In the dynamic realm of media, innovation is relentless – and so are we. Brace yourself for a revelation as we proudly introduce dataminer.MediaOps – the culmination of over 15 years of expertise harmonizing media and ICT.

This award winning solution is your gateway to unparalleled efficiency and excellence, offering a seamless experience from planning to billing.

BaM Awards 2024 - Winner

Experience effortless planning

Chart your course to success from the outset. From resource reservation to orchestrating complex setups, our comprehensive suite empowers you to craft flawless experiences with ease.

Automate and elevate your live workflows

By seamlessly integrating planning tools with intuitive operator panels, dataminer.MediaOps redefines how you orchestrate live signal connection management and processor control.

Streamline your media asset supply chain

From file ingestion to distribution and archival, our cutting-edge platform automates the complete media asset supply chain.

DataMiner MediaOps - banner
BaM Awards 2024 Finalist

Harmonizing ICT and media for better planning, live operations, and file media operations

Transform your operations by creating a better, faster,
and more cost-effective environment that is enjoyable to work in!


Virtual Desk: a personalized experience for each user, at all times, at all places

As remote and collaborative work becomes the norm, virtual desks offer a flexible and scalable solution for efficiently using physical and virtual resources. With the ability to move resources to the cloud and seamlessly adopt new technologies, virtual desks are the way forward for businesses seeking to adapt to complex new models.

Virtual Desks

Take away complexity from your personnel 

A virtual desk is a personalized control surface that can be accessed from anywhere and adapts to the user's preferences, displaying the necessary information for their specific role. It can be used for any type of operation and can also be connected to physical equipment.

Virtual desks for live productions

A virtual desk is part of a larger process that involves gathering all required data and resources for a live production, including the type of production, infrastructure, signals, assets, staff, and working desks, to effectively set up and monitor the production.

Setting up virtual desks with DataMiner

DataMiner is the perfect fit for setting up a virtual desk as it automates the process of detecting and booking all the necessary data, saving time and increasing efficiency. With an 8-part use case on Production Event Management and a 5-part demo specifically focused on creating a virtual desk, DataMiner demonstrates its ability to manage production data, reserve resources, schedule tasks, and manage conflicts with ease. Whether you are working on-premises or remotely, DataMiner Service and Resource Manager provides seamless support to manage virtual desks and create customized panel layouts.

SolutionGuide SDN


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for Media explained

Efficiently manage your
Cloud Production Life Cycle

With DataMiner, you can confidently schedule and plan your cloud productions in advance, without any fear of double bookings. Its intelligent resource management system automatically spins up your resources when you need them and spins them back down when you're done, saving you precious time and money.

DataMiner DevOps functions
to future-proof your
sports production operations

Whether you're managing a live sports event or running a sports broadcasting network,
DataMiner's DevOps functions can streamline your operations and help you
stay ahead of the game.

Low-Code Apps

DataMiner Low-Code Apps

User-definable no-code apps are all about empowering everybody across your organization and beyond with actionable data and easy controls. Create experiences tailored to very specific teams, responsibilities, and roles so that everyone has their part in boosting the efficiency of your operation and business to new heights.

Object Models

DataMiner Object Models

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers DevOps squads to extend DataMiner’s digital twin with any object you can imagine, to organize your operation and business more efficiently than ever before. Have access to scheduling information, work orders, address books, contacts, costing and rating information, as well as other relevant data, all from a single interface.

Process Automation

DataMiner Process Automation

DataMiner Process Automation is a functionality to manage and automate your non-linear file workflows and connect technology with people. With DataMiner Process Automation, you can weave together people, functions, and technology into one seamless flow, and redefine the meaning of “end to end”.

Cloud Services

DataMiner cloud services

With the DataMiner cloud services, you unlock the power of seamless collaboration, DevOps empowerment, and ultimate convenience in just a few clicks. The possibilities offered by dataminer.services put you on the fast track towards Digital Transformation.

Example Use Cases

Explore the power of DataMiner for Sports Event Production

Banner - managing OB truck fleet


Managing an entire OB truck fleet from one single screen

Sports Roadkit Orchestration

Use Case 

Sports Roadkit Orchestration

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Media Data Center Management

Use Case

Media Data Center Management

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SDN Control

Use Case

SDN Control

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