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Skyline Communications shortlisted for “Media Company of the Year” by IABM

Skyline Communications, the global leading provider of digital transformation software solutions, is delighted to announce its nomination for the prestigious title “Media Company of the Year” at the upcoming IABM 2023 Awards. This coveted nomination not only recognizes Skyline’s significant contribution to addressing the essence of the transformational changes faced by media companies, but it also underscores how Skyline’s holistic approach sits at the frontier of the new emerging landscape referred to as MediaOps.

Skyline Communications shortlisted for “Media Company of the Year” by IABM

Entering a new era of media and broadcasting

As numerous companies undergo digital transformations, the media industry stands as no exception. At the core of this transformation lies the shift toward IP-based, highly virtualized, and cloudified ecosystems. However, its implications extend far beyond mere technological advancements, influencing every conceivable aspect of broadcast operations and ushering in a new era.

Being nominated for Media Company of the Year is a great testament to our efforts and underscores Skylines position at the frontier of the emerging MediaOps landscape.

Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications

“For several years, Skyline has executed upon an innovative and holistic vision, addressing the very essence of this existential transformation imminent for the media and broadcast industry,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “Being nominated for 'Media Company of the Year' is a great testament to our efforts and underscores Skyline's position at the frontier of the emerging MediaOps landscape.”

“We are now witnessing the emergence of MediaOps as a distinct domain within the increasingly diverse ICT and software industry. While MediaOps draws heavily from established concepts from the latter—such as DevOps, CI/CD, Agile methodologies, IaC, SecOps, AIOps, and continuous delivery—it is also carving its own distinct and unique identity,” emphasized Ben. “Its defining traits include, but are not limited to, an always-on and high-availability operation, a focus on high-end live events, the relevance of timing, the need for real-time control of resources and products, dependencies on specialized and industry-specific solutions, and the need to incorporate on-prem resources seamlessly with cloud functions.”


“Our dataminer.MediaOps solution is emerging as one of the most powerful and innovative solutions, empowering organizations to create, shape, and fully capitalize on a next-generation MediaOps business,” added Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline. “Designed as both a powerful standard solution and an open, fully agnostic, and modular software platform, it perfectly captures the essence of MediaOps.”

“And while technology plays a vital role in this transition, we also notice a growing emphasis on open communities, agile collaboration between creative teams and corporations, empowerment of individuals to innovate and move fast, and choice and modularity of solutions. A testament to this is our vibrant and fast-growing open DataMiner Dojo community, our DevOps Professional program boasting over 1000 developers across the globe, and the success of our hands-on Empower events held both in-person and online to continuously grow knowledge.”

A true industry game-changer

“dataminer.MediaOps is digital transformation tailored for broadcast operations,” explained Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications. “It enables the evolution towards a highly automated and data-driven operation, facilitated by a technology stack that can continuously evolve to accommodate the pervasive changes in this new era. In practice, this translates to the ability to create a unified workflow spanning the entire business—from planning and scheduling to resource allocation, service deployment and orchestration, real-time management of live services including signal switching and parameter control, and post-event activities such as billing and resource optimization.”

“An essential aspect of dataminer.MediaOps lies in its complete integration with industry-standard DevOps tools, serving as a catalyst for continuous evolution and positioning itself as a true industry game-changer. The platform provides the flexibility to establish a state-of-the-art CI/CD infrastructure, where people can combine modular DataMiner functions, including our free DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) for Microsoft Visual Studio, our cloud CI/CD services, DataMiner Catalog, and Low-Code Apps, with other popular industry-standard CI/CD tools, including GitHub and SonarQube. Moreover, the array of choices extends to services like DataMiner as a Service (DaaS), facilitating rapid, straightforward, and secure deployments, as well as DataMiner Storage as a Service (StaaS), further simplifying on-prem DataMiner deployments by seamlessly connecting with a scalable cloud-native storage platform.”

“All these advancements signify a future centered around user-friendly modular functions and diverse choices, enabling the construction of cutting-edge, data-driven powerhouses," concluded Thomas.