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Skyline announces free availability of DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS)

DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) is a comprehensive innovative extension of Microsoft Visual Studio, is designed for DataMiner DevOps Professionals to facilitate the creation and continuous evolution of a broad variety of plug-in components available across the DataMiner platform. It provides seamless extensibility and empowers data-driven organizations to achieve their most ambitious goals in a highly efficient manner.

With the range of powerful features available in DIS, DataMiner DevOps Professionals can build third-party product integrations, across hardware, software, and cloud boundaries, and accommodating any imaginable type of interface or protocol. With DIS, users can effortlessly build connectors to ingest data into the DataMiner platform, implement robust controls, and enrich the standardized DataMiner Digital Twin, which forms the foundation of the DataMiner platform and fuels their entire organization.

On top of this, DIS also allows users to easily create and deploy user-definable APIs for platform-to-platform integrations, extensions for ChatOps to empower people throughout their organization, and custom GQI operators to create actionable insights. They can also use DIS to design powerful cross-operation automation and orchestration routines, to model new process automation activities, and much more. All these highly democratized capabilities empower professionals to transform their organizations into data-driven powerhouses, by leveraging data to optimize operations, by driving efficiency, and by innovating their product and service offerings.

At Skyline, we believe that the future lies in data-driven organizations. We envision a world where data is effortlessly converted into value.

Bert Vandenberghe, Chief Technology Officer at Skyline Communications

"By offering DIS free of charge, we're providing every individual within an organization with the unrivaled power to create innovative solutions. This is digital transformation in action."

DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) - plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio

A comprehensive unit-testing framework is also included in DIS, seamlessly fitting into industry-standard CI/CD architectures and enabling DevOps teams to set up robust pipelines that foster collaborative development and continuous evolution in a secure and reliable manner. This way, DevOps teams can easily adopt the common best practices of test-driven development by leveraging DIS alongside their preferred CI/CD technologies, including GitHub, SonarQube, and many other popular tools.

The decision to provide DIS at no cost reflects Skyline's unrivaled commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to effortlessly innovate, design, create, and evolve data-driven solutions.

Key benefits of DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS):

  • Empowers users to create high-value plug-in components for the DataMiner platform
  • Enables seamless extension and customization of the DataMiner platform to meet specific needs
  • Supports connectors for data ingestion into the DataMiner platform, as well as unified control
  • Simplifies the creation and deployment of user-definable APIs, ChatOps extensions, and much more
  • Streamlines automation, orchestration, and process automation activities
  • Drives data-driven decision-making and operational optimization
  • Fosters innovation in product and service offerings

Embark on your data-driven journey and experience the transformative power of DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS).