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Docomo Pacific and Skyline Communications strengthen agile partnership

Skyline Communications, the global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management, OSS and orchestration software solutions for the ICT, media and broadband industry, is pleased to announce that its partnership with DOCOMO PACIFIC has been strengthened. The existing DataMiner deployment has been extended to include the management of their distribution network, leveraging the powerful Experience & Performance Management (EPM) solution.

A digital twin of the service delivery setup was built, providing unprecedented observability of customer experience metrics, fueling DOCOMO PACIFIC’s operational team with the necessary insights to achieve operational excellence.

The record speed and accuracy of this project implementation, leveraging the DataMiner AI-powered network management solution, was only possible thanks to a solid Agile Partnership between the two companies, backed by strong project management, a precise application of Agile principles, as well as a deep understanding of the underlying technologies involved.

“We knew DataMiner was a solid platform through our previous years of partnership with Skyline,“ said Roderick Boss, CEO at DOCOMO PACIFIC. “We wanted to ensure that when we added this complex new solution, it was built the right way. We were impressed by the efficiency of the Skyline team and their ability to seamlessly integrate it into our ecosystem to better serve our customers.”

“The use of our EPM standard solution was instrumental to the success of this project” said Jonathan Triboulet, Director of APAC Operations. “As the solution is constantly refined in all our implementations around the globe, it has already been adapted to numerous brands and models. This meant that we could install it quickly in the DOCOMO environment, with a maximum focus on gaining value for the user, for instance by defining improved procedures with the NOC and upgrading dashboards to perfection.”

DOCOMO PACIFIC and Skyline agile partnership