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dataminer.MediaOps, a paradigm-shifting solution for media event and resource scheduling, live and file operations, is shortlisted for the prestigious IABM Awards

Skyline proudly announces that its groundbreaking new dataminer.MediaOps solution, to be unveiled at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, has been shortlisted for the prestigious IABM Awards. dataminer.MediaOps, representing a pivotal moment in media technology, is set to fundamentally redefine media event and resource planning, live media operations, and file workflow automation. Drawing from Skyline's decades-long expertise and unrivaled track record in the media industry, this game-changing new solution marks an unprecedented synergy between media and ICT, and goes straight to the heart of what the emerging MediaOps industry will entail in the coming years.

IABM Awards Nomiation 2024

dataminer.MediaOps is transformational for any media operation, supporting end-to-end workflows for scheduling, live, and file media operations.

Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline Communications

To start with, dataminer.MediaOps enables media companies to create and manage a unified inventory of all their assets, irrespective of whether those are technology assets across on-prem hardware, software, or cloud services, or whether it involves other relevant assets such as people, contracts, rooms, facilities, desks, trucks, satellite transponder capacity, or IP addresses-or in fact, anything else imaginable. This inventory supports live connections with third-party inventory data sources, as well as live detection of assets based on both industry-standard methods (such as NMOS IS-O4) and full proprietary protocols, and much more.

"dataminer.MediaOps is transformational for any media operation, supporting end-to-end workflows for scheduling, live, and file media operations. As many M&E companies have taken the step to migrate to IP and virtualization, the logical next step is to replace operational siloes and tools. dataminer.MediaOps offers a seamless path to digital transformation, enabling organizations to start small and scale rapidly. And at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy point solutions, while at the same time delivering far more innovative and flexible workflows, so that the various involved teams and departments can focus on what really matters and boost their efficiency across the board", said Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline Communications.

The solution then provides the means to start planning events and services, including both the management of all relevant metadata (for contractual or organizational purposes, for example) and the smart and efficient allocation of all relevant resources and assets. The entire planning, scheduling, and resource allocation solution supports a wealth of different approaches, ranging from flexible and quick ad hoc activities all the way to templated approaches for more complex, repetitive standard portfolio services.

dataminer.MediaOps further leverages Skyline's exclusive and unprecedented automation and orchestration capabilities and heritage. It provides the option to transition business processes seamlessly into the live operation domain, in a highly efficient manner and at a fraction of the historical cost of such solutions. And of course, this integration also inherits standard DataMiner benefits, including its unprecedented multi-vendor capabilities, underpinned with over 8000 product integrations. dataminer.MediaOps enables integration across all domains, from legacy SDI to SMPTE ST-2110, for example. Additionally, there are various other options available to leverage DataMiner as an SDN controller, as well as options to integrate with any third-party SDN solutions.

This recognition underscores the immense potential of our dataminer.MediaOps solution in reshaping the media supply chain.

Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications

Once DataMiner has deployed and orchestrated new services based on the booked resources, dataminer.MediaOps automatically provides intelligent service-centric monitoring of those services during their lifetime, without the need for expensive and complex integrations. All standard DataMiner features for monitoring and observability are supported, including AI-powered behavioral monitoring, for example, which is key in a highly virtualized, cloudified, and IP-connected future.

Finally, dataminer.MediaOps also supports comprehensive Cost & Billing capabilities to streamline your complete event and service processes end to end, with great efficiency. While Cost & Billing again provides a wealth of features and capabilities, including highly user-definable business models and cost calculations, it also supports comprehensive solutions for integrations with any third-party solutions.

"At Skyline, we are deeply honored and thrilled to have been shortlisted for the IABM Innovation Awards. This recognition underscores the immense potential of our dataminer.MediaOps solution in reshaping the media supply chain. Our relentless commitment to innovation, coupled with our extensive expertise in ICT and media, sets us apart in the industry. The genesis of this groundbreaking solution traces back to a bold vision, now materialized, demonstrating Skyline's unwavering dedication to our customers and impactful innovation. With a legacy spanning over two decades, Skyline has remained a steadfast leader and strategic partner for leading media companies. In a landscape where many solutions still simply echo the past, dataminer.MediaOps truly distinguishes itself by acknowledging the seismic shifts in the industry and wholeheartedly embracing the very essence of this new world", said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications.

While the functionality provided is already unprecedented compared to other event planning, scheduling, and resource management solutions, enabling far more innovative solutions at a fraction of the historical cost, the benefits of dataminer.MediaOps extend even further.

At the core of dataminer.MediaOps lies a meticulously crafted platform built upon an open data-driven digital twin architecture, seamlessly fused with essential industry-standard ICT principles. It encompasses support for, among others, standard CI/CD processes and tools, along with customizable apps for effortless personalization, fortified by top-tier ICT security measures, and much more. Embracing a DevOps-centric philosophy and backed by an active global community of ICT and Media experts, dataminer.MediaOps fully embodies the essence of what a new media operation is all about.