On-demand Webinar

DataMiner Routing Control Panel

Duration: 63 minutes


how to interact with services end to end using a unified control surface ​

how to design, create, deploy and leverage router control panels

from several reference use cases

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about this webinar

With DataMiner in place, operators are equipped with the most flexible and powerful service management platform. This includes full end-to-end control of services, straight across any vendor, technology and domain boundaries. The DataMiner Routing Control Panel provides a very intuitive and easy-to-use front end for operators, enabling them to control any service with the click of a button. Whether you have traditional legacy services or you already deploy an all-IP platform, or even if you use a combination of both, the DataMiner Router Control Panel simply runs straight across it. One intuitive, powerful control surface, that’s it.

Your host
Ben Vandenberghe

Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications, is one of the industry’s thought leaders and visionaries in the area of end-to-end network management and orchestration software solutions for the media, entertainment and service provider industry. Under Ben’s leadership, Skyline Communications has grown into the acknowledged global leader in this field. Skyline’s renowned flagship DataMiner software platform, widely acclaimed for its far-reaching innovation track record, is one of the key driving technologies behind many of the world’s most prestigious media, entertainment and service provider operations.