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Resource studio

Manage bookable resources within dataminer.MediaOps.

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DataMiner MediaOps - Resource Studio
DataMiner MediaOps - Resource Studio
DataMiner MediaOps - Resource Studio

This is a standard DataMiner application that can be used as is, with minimal configuration. It will receive regular upgrades to improve the user experience. You can also obtain a copy to customize to your requirements, but such a custom version will not receive automatic updates.

Efficient resource management with Resource Studio

  • Create resource inventory and pools
  • Define resource capabilities and capacities
  • Measure & optimize resource utilization

The Resource Studio serves as the cornerstone for managing bookable resources within dataminer.MediaOps.

This application facilitates the manual creation of technical resources, including those linked to managed elements and unmanaged resources like staffing and network bandwidth. Resources are organized into resource pools, allowing for efficient allocation and assignment to operational domains and areas.

Availability management: Resources are equipped with availability timelines, ensuring error-free and deterministic operations. Booked resources become unavailable for other services during the booking period, with options for full or partial bookings. Resources can be reserved permanently, instantly, or for future use, maintaining availability until the start time of future bookings.

Capabilities and customization: Resources are selected based on their capabilities, which can include supported video formats, modulation formats, audio formats, and more. The list of capabilities is fully customizable, allowing users to tailor resource selection to specific needs through simple point-and-click configuration.

Capacity assignment: Resources can be assigned capacities such as bandwidth, number of video and audio flows, and more. When booking resources for a specific capacity, the remaining capacity remains available for other bookings until the reserved period. This applies to network capacity reservations for media flows like SMPTE ST 2110, ensuring efficient utilization.

Utilization, optimization, and costing: Resource management extends beyond reservations, with a focus on optimizing asset utilization and minimizing on-demand capacity usage. The Resource Studio provides a comprehensive audit trail of historic resource utilization and future bookings. Additionally, costing rate cards can be attached to resources, offering insights into the cost analysis of both wholly-owned and externally provided resources, such as network capacity and transponder utilization.