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People and Organization

Efficiently manage people and teams with the People and Organizations application.

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DataMiner MediaOps - People and organization
DataMiner MediaOps - People and organization

This is a standard DataMiner application that can be used as is, with minimal configuration. It will receive regular upgrades to improve the user experience. You can also obtain a copy to customize to your requirements, but such a custom version will not receive automatic updates.

Optimizing financial management

  • Manage customers, service providers and your own teams and contact persons
  • Create bookable staffing resources
  • Integrate with HR management systems, Active Directory, etc.

The People and Organizations application is a comprehensive solution for managing people, teams, and organizations within your MediaOps environment.

With features designed to streamline team management and enhance collaboration, this application empowers users to effectively navigate the complexities of organizational structure and resource allocation.

People management: Seamlessly navigate people and memberships within your organization. Access contact information for individuals across your supply chain, including teams, contractors, suppliers, and customers. With contact persons readily available on any screen and through the DataMiner API, users can quickly connect and collaborate with team members.

Team management: Efficiently manage teams and make them bookable for streamlined resource allocation. Assign expertise to teams and skills to individuals, facilitating accurate booking and resource allocation. Review and analyze team activities over time to optimize performance and productivity.

Organization management: Assign people to organizations to streamline organizational structure and resource allocation. By centralizing organization management, users can easily track and manage personnel assignments, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

Integration with CRM systems: Seamlessly integrate with third-party CRM systems to exchange (import/export) people and team information. This integration streamlines data management processes and ensures consistency across systems, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in managing personnel and organizational data.