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Costing and Billing

Efficiently manage costs and billing with the Cost and Billing application

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DataMiner MediaOps - Costing and billing
DataMiner MediaOps - Costing and billing
DataMiner MediaOps - Costing and billing

This is a standard DataMiner application that can be used as is, with minimal configuration. It will receive regular upgrades to improve the user experience. You can also obtain a copy to customize to your requirements, but such a custom version will not receive automatic updates.

Optimizing financial management

  • Create customer contracts and related billing rate cards
  • Manage resource cost rate cards
  • Generate job cost calculation and job billing records for your system in a single click

The Cost and Billing application is your one-stop solution for measuring, analyzing, forecasting, and optimizing costs and revenue at the core of your operation.

With a range of features designed to streamline financial management, this application empowers users to gain deeper insights, make informed decisions, and enhance operational efficiency.

Billing management: Efficiently manage contracts for suppliers and customers, with options to reuse contracts for specific events or multiple customers. Ensure accuracy with validity intervals and billing ratecards, offering customizable pricing structures and uplift pricing options.

Cost management: Optimize cost structures with cost ratecards, allowing for minimal billing time intervals, volume discounts, and pay-per-use options. Attach ratecards to resource pools or individual resources for accurate cost calculations, and prevent unnecessary cloud costs with DataMiner automated job scheduling.

Reporting and analysis: Gain deep insights into costing and billing rates with extensive analysis across various parameters. Generate detailed costing and billing information for individual jobs, access data through a shared dashboard, and customize currencies and exchange rates. Seamlessly integrate with third-party billing systems through API sharing.