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Control Surface

The Control Surface app allows operators to perform their day-to-day activities, such as setting up connections between sources and destinations, doing configuration parameter control on devices, and viewing monitoring information coming from the devices. 

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Control surface
DataMiner MediaOps - Control Surface
Control surface

This is a standard DataMiner application that can be used as is, with minimal configuration. It will receive regular upgrades to improve the user experience. You can also obtain a copy to customize to your requirements, but such a custom version will not receive automatic updates.

Effortless management of media operations

  • Dynamic XY and desk control panel adapting to feed operational status
  • Button and list views with easy navigation through operational domains, search, filter, etc.
  • Supports SMPTE ST 2110 connections (levels) for red and blue networks

The Control Surface app within dataminer.MediaOps empowers operators to seamlessly perform day-to-day activities, from setting up connections between sources and destinations to configuring device parameters and monitoring device information.

With intuitive features such as smart filtering and easy customization, operators can efficiently manage connections and ensure optimal performance in media operations.

Streamlined connection setup: Simplify the process of connecting sources to destinations with the Control Surface app. By executing the correct workflow based on the selected source and destination types, operators can effortlessly establish connections, optimizing media workflows.

Enhanced flexibility: Customize the Control Surface app to meet specific operational needs. Utilize smart filtering capabilities to eliminate invalid connection attempts and tailor the layout to display the most relevant information. With easy customization options, operators can adapt the app to suit their unique requirements, enhancing efficiency and usability.

Improved control: Lock destinations to prevent unauthorized changes and ensure data integrity. With the ability to lock destinations, operators can maintain control over connection states, minimizing errors and disruptions in media operations.