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Unlock instant savings with the new DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaas)

Skyline Communications, the global leading provider of digital transformation software solutions, announces the general availability of its new Storage as a Service cloud service, as part of its overall DataMiner cloud service offering.

the Storage as a Service solution (STaaS) offers organizations the option to leverage a carefree data storage solution for their DataMiner platform

DataMiner Service as a Service - STaaS

The Storage as a Service solution (STaaS) offers organizations the option to leverage a carefree data storage solution for their DataMiner platform, resulting in significant savings not only in storage infrastructure but also in valuable engineering time, which can then be reinvested in higher-value deliverables towards the business and operation.

“One of the indispensable qualities organizations are looking for when investing in new technology these days is easy-to-deploy modular options. And DataMiner STaaS, along with our overall DataMiner solution offering, fits right into this,” explained Bert Vandenberghe, Chief Technology Officer at Skyline Communications. “While DataMiner STaaS is an integrated component of our new DataMiner as a Service offering, it is in fact also available for users that opt for a private deployment of DataMiner, either on the ground or in a private cloud. For the latter, the STaaS solution function can be enabled with just a click of a button, and it instantly completely eliminates the need for a private storage solution. In other words, it is available for everybody to consider, and ultimately is really a no-brainer as it is guaranteed to represent a significant cost saving as compared to a self-hosted storage solution.”

DataMiner STaaS is delivered as a genuine cloud service, eliminating the need for both any type of maintenance and any future-looking considerations. It can be enabled easily for any DataMiner solution, and instantly scales up and down in a continuous fashion along with the needs of that specific deployment. DataMiner STaaS is designed on top of the industry-leading Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB cloud-native storage technology as well as Azure Table storage, seamlessly integrated into one service, resulting in the highest performance and availability as well as a broad global multi-region offering.

Key qualities

1. Easy instant activation and deployment

2. Zero maintenance

3. Seamless scaling up and down

4. Global multi-region offering

5. Highly secure

6. Ultimate scalability

Key benefits

1. Reduce your storage cost considerably

2. Pay for what you need, and only when you need it

3. Improve your security posture

4. Save valuable time to invest in high-value automation and data insights