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skyline communications received over 3000 visitors on open bedrijvendag (company discovery day)

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the satellite, broadcast, IPTV and HFC broadband industries, opened its brand-new office building to the public on Sunday October 5th. During the Open Bedrijvendag event, more than 3000 visitors were able to discover how we manage the most complex broadcast and telecom systems from in Flanders.

During a carefully prepared tour, the visitors could find out why it is that we can watch digital television and surf the Internet anywhere, whether it's at home, on an airplane, or on a boat. They could also see how images are broadcast live from large events or from the International Space Station. DataMiner, the unique software developed by Skyline, has a key role in all this, and is used world-wide to manage satellite, broadcast and telecom systems. The new state-of-the-art office building, which Skyline moved into in early August, also attracted many curious people from the neighborhood. Technology, ecology and architecture go hand in hand in this exclusive building, which is an incubator for more than 120 highly trained high-tech IT and telecom specialists.

“The globally unique software that we develop is synonymous with ambitious innovation in the area of multi-vendor network management in complex telecommunications and media networks. By now, operators from more than 85 countries are counting on our technology to manage key systems for Internet and television worldwide. It's a very complex subject, which we've been able to explain to a wide audience on this Open Bedrijvendag. We're really pleased with the many enthusiastic reactions we got from the visitors,” said Frederik Vandenberghe, Finance & Operations Director at Skyline Communications.

At the end of the tour the visitors were offered a drink, and one of the choices was Skyline's own Orbis beer, brewed by a few enthusiastic colleagues according to their very own recipe. There was a kids' corner, but also an information booth where people interested to work at Skyline could leave their CV and find out about what it's like to work at Skyline Communications. After all, to keep a high-tech advantage, Skyline is constantly looking for new recruits in order to make strategic use of research, innovation, and new developments.

The social commitment of the company was illustrated by the Hubi & Vinciaene foundation. They set up projects in Benin that Skyline Communications has already contributed to in the past. With a computer game developed by Skyline, the visitors could also win a fun prize. The 26-year-old Kim D. from Izegem, for instance, managed to get the first prize: a rebellious Bluetooth-controlled Sphero™ robotic ball that can be used with iOS and Android devices. But actually, none of the visitors went home empty-handed. Everybody received a fun ecological birdhouse as a souvenir, a symbol for Skyline's own new house.


Open bedrijven dag inkom

3.000 people showed up on Open Bedrijvendag

Open bedrijven dag toespraak

some presentations on what DataMiner is all about

Open bedrijven dag rondleiding

in-depth presentation of a use case

Open bedrijven dag rewards

all visitors received a fun ecological birdhouse as a souvenir

Open bedrijven dag floors

people eager to learn more about our projects

Open bedrijven dag winner

Kim D. won the first prize in a game developed by Skyline