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skyline communications presents the revolutionary dataminer 8.5 platform at nab 2015

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry, showcases the latest release of its flagship DataMiner network management platform, and puts the spotlight on some of its many cutting-edge solutions, which set it apart from anything else ever available in the industry.

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Today’s media networks are built using a complex mixture of fast-evolving technologies, such as MPLS, SDH, satellite, VSAT, and compression & media processing in the cloud. Hardware and software elements are sourced from a variety of specialized vendors. But in order to remain competitive, operators need to establish unified and highly automated workflows, end to end, across any vendor and technology boundaries. At NAB 2015, Skyline will showcase real demonstrations of resource and session management across satellite, fiber and cloud infrastructure. DataMiner is unique in its kind, since it enables the operator to set up unified workflows across any technology, from any vendor, ensuring the most effective use of all network resources.

“DataMiner is deployed by hundreds of leading operators in over 100 countries, and is integrated with more than 4000 devices and systems from more than 500 industry vendors. With a single UI it allows the management of any possible operation, end to end, in a completely vendor-agnostic manner,” said Ben Vandenberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “DataMiner is all about innovation, about pushing the boundaries of what network management technology can offer. We want to give our customers a unique competitive edge on today’s fast-evolving market.”

Other hands-on demonstrations will illustrate how DataMiner is currently deployed in contribution and exchange networks, broadcast studios, master control rooms, and various distribution networks to monitor service availability. Confidence monitoring and SLA reporting are embedded in DataMiner 8.5, supporting a breadth of monitoring probes, analyzers and multi-viewers. Instant re-routing of audio tracks, video thumbnails or full resolution pictures to multi-viewers in the NOC, automated identification and viewing of services in alarm, a graphical representation of the actual service flow through the system regardless of redundancy switchovers, SLA trending, and alarm monitoring of SLA breaches even ahead of time – these are just a few of the DataMiner capabilities visitors will be able to witness at the show.

Next to that, Skyline will also showcase how DataMiner manages services across legacy compression devices as well as cloud infrastructure from multiple vendors as one single consolidated system. Indeed, new business models and higher business agility needs drive an increasing number of processing functions into the cloud, running as Virtualized Media Functions (VMF). The DataMiner NMS/OSS manages all services as one single system, regardless of whether functions are processed by legacy devices, or in the cloud. Regardless of the technology provider.

The new DataMiner 8.5 release introduces some significant new innovative capabilities. It is one of the most versatile platforms, proven in superior management for studios, playout facilities, satellite and terrestrial contribution platforms, VSAT and IP trunking systems, IP networks, VOD platforms, ad-insertion systems, digital video head ends, outdoor networks, backbones, terrestrial transmitter networks, SNG fleets, and much more.