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Skyline announces the unveiling of DataMiner 8.0 at IBC

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions for the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry, announces the exclusive unveiling of DataMiner 8.0 at IBC 2013. This new release is one of the largest DataMiner releases ever. Again, it will bring multi-vendor network management to a next level by introducing important new innovations and concepts.

“At Skyline Communications we are dedicated to one mission only, and that’s to continuously rethink and redefine how operators in the IPTV, broadcast, HFC broadband and satellite industry can manage their ever more complex operation more efficiently. That’s the reason for the success of DataMiner, which is now deployed by leading operators in more than 85 countries around the world, and integrated with over 3500 products from more than 400 industry vendors,” says Ben Vandenberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “DataMiner has literally redefined end-to-end network management, and we earned a strong reputation for truly innovating and leading the way. That’s what our customers expect from us, and that’s what we are dedicated to. For that reason, not surprisingly, DataMiner 8.0 is yet again a major release that goes way beyond polishing up on what existed before. This is again all about pushing the envelope, and making sure that our customers get the best that technology can offer today.”

Amongst a plethora of new features and capabilities, DataMiner 8.0 introduces important new innovations and concepts that further facilitate end-to-end network management, such as:

  • DataMiner Mediation Layer, an innovative and very unique approach to standardize the way human operators and advanced automation procedures can interact with devices and systems from different vendors. DataMiner Mediation Layer is all about making the multi-vendor nature of an operation completely transparent to operators, while maintaining the capability to leverage all vendor-specific features and capabilities.
  • A brand new and highly user-definable Router Control UI, which redefines how signals can be managed easily and intuitively across hardware routing solutions from different vendors and across different signal domains.
  • DataMiner Aggregation Engine, part of the DataMiner 8.0 Correlation Engine, offers user-definable data crunching capabilities, which will shed an entire new light on many vast operations, and unveil operational issues that remained hidden in the past.
  • The new DataMiner Connectivity Framework is aimed at standardizing, facilitating and leveraging connectivity in the DataMiner network management system in smarter and more creative ways than any other solution.

Those are just some of the key highlights of the DataMiner 8.0 release, which features a multitude of enhancements and capabilities across all available software modules. DataMiner Dashboards & Reporting is fitted with an impressive array of powerful new graphical components. New capabilities in DMS Automation unleash a new generation of interactive procedures facilitating, for example, fail-over procedures, service provisioning processes, troubleshooting procedures, etc. The DataMiner core software has new device auto-detection capabilities that run transparently across equipment from multiple vendors. DataMiner Mobile Gateway, which offers a single professional mobile app for full monitoring and control on literally any device from any vendor in your operation, has beefed up security and features fully integrated asset management capabilities based on QR codes and NFC.

In addition to the new DataMiner 8.0 release, Skyline is also showcasing a range of DataMiner Applications. These are a new generation of product-specific or technology-specific solutions, designed by teams of subject matter experts for out-of-the-box deployment on standard DataMiner platforms. DataMiner Applications on display at IBC 2013 include for example solutions to manage IP networks, Netinsight Nimbra networks, Appear TV ecosystems and for interfacing with Scheduall platforms.

DataMiner 8.0, and all new features and capabilities are on display at IBC 2013, Skyline Communications, booth 1.A21

DataMiner 8 interface
DataMiner 8 interface