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A record year in the making as Digital Transformation gears up

Skyline Communications, global leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, announces a record year in the making as the ICT media and broadband industry ramps up Digital Transformation investments.

Whether you are creating a cloud-native proposition or next-gen data center, deploying an ST2110 all-IP foundation for your media operation, ramping up a LEO mega constellation, deploying OTT services, looking into leveraging IP for Distributed Access Architectures for your distribution plant, or cloudifying parts of your operation, it all boils down to the same essence. You are stepping into a new world poised with transformational technology. The only certainty is that you have to be ready to evolve continuously and to adapt to inevitable unexpected changes. This "Digital Transformation" applies to any business out there determined to be successful in the new emerging data-driven world.

Digital Transformation

"Today we see a lot of traction among our users in the field of Digital Transformation, with organizations now increasingly focusing on the essence of what Digital Transformation is all about," commented Ben Vandenberghe CEO at Skyline Communications. "Because it’s about a lot more than just deploying a new virtualized and cloudified ecosystem and transitioning your existing business and workflows into it. If that’s your mindset, you’re missing the whole point of Digital Transformation and of what’s happening everywhere around you. It’s actually about bringing yourself into a position where you can also leverage the future, untapped potential of this new generation of transformational technologies. That means ensuring that you can evolve continuously with your operation in the context of a highly unpredictable and ever faster evolving market. This is a completely different perspective, because suddenly the way you architect your technology ecosystem, for example, becomes very relevant and determinative. At the same time, Digital Transformation is also very much about people and methodology, so you need to ensure that your entire business is organized around this."

"What’s more, it’s also about tackling the completely new set of challenges that inevitably come with the new technology ecosystems. These challenges include security, multi-cloud and being agnostic to cloud providers, dealing with ever growing complexity and much more. This is a world where it is of course very easy to take shortcuts and choose the easy way forward. But that usually very quickly comes back to bite you. These new challenges cannot be dealt with as an afterthought; they really have to be tackled head-on from the very inception of these environments," concluded Ben Vandenberghe.

Skyline’s offering is entirely and uniquely designed with all the key objectives of Digital Transformation in mind. Its powerful and agnostic open-architecture data acquisition and control plane capabilities enable users to create a real-time updated digital twin of their entire operation. This standardized and secure digital twin consolidates all the user’s hardware, software, and cloud resources, across all vendor, technology and domain boundaries. The DataMiner platform comes with a wealth of standard applications and solutions, such as real-time dashboards and sophisticated AIOps analytics. Out of the box, these are tightly integrated with that digital twin, resulting in unprecedented ease of use and minimal friction towards continuous evolutions. Moreover, the open architecture, which extends all the way up to the data consumption layer, also permits agile teams to leverage any other tools to tap into that standardized and secured digital twin. This includes standard APIs, web hooks, user-definable APIs, and linking the DataMiner digital twin with industry-standard messaging and event streaming solutions such as Kafka and Rabbit MQ.

By design, DataMiner tackles a lot of those new challenges of the data-driven era that could have a huge impact down the road if not addressed adequately. It for instance automatically includes functionality that allows you to considerably mitigate security challenges and costs. Then there’s its agnostic and open architecture, which is the ultimate guarantee for a multi-cloud operation, preventing the much-dreaded cloud-provider lock-in, and hence achieving massive savings. The patented fully autonomous AIOps capabilities of DataMiner are another example, as these enable proactive management of very complex and highly volatile technology ecosystems. All of this and more results from a design that has been conceptualized from the ground up in line with Digital Transformation, making DataMiner truly transformational technology.