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ONATi chooses DataMiner as its end-to-end network management system

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end management and orchestration solutions for the media & broadband industry, proudly announces that their award-winning DataMiner platform has been selected by ONATi SAS. ONATi is a telecom operator based in Tahiti and a subsidiary of the OPT group. They offer mobile, fixed, internet and TV services for all types of subscribers, ranging from the general public to professional businesses.

ONATi’s main reasons to opt for DataMiner are its multi-vendor and cross-domain end-to-end capabilities. They were looking for a platform that allows them to manage their entire operation from a single pane of glass. Although ONATi has a rather traditional infrastructure, this is complicated by the specific character of the French Polynesian landscape, which consists of over 100 islands. Between the archipelagos, special services need to be delivered for international and domestic submarine cables, and satellite services must be provided to those islands that are not connected by submarine cables. The unique DataMiner system proved to be the only NMS system on the market that could provide a full overview of all of ONATi’s diverse services, tapping into all underlying data sources.

“It’s true that our overall infrastructure is different compared to most other operations because of the unusual landscape of French Polynesia. That’s why we need to use many different technologies,” commented Heimana Raoulx, Design and Development Manager at ONATi. “We’re the only integrated operator in the area, making us the leader in all of our markets here, so you can imagine the size of our network. It’s vital for us that our NOC workstations have a complete view on the entire technical infrastructure in order to detect any significant events throughout our entire network. That’s a tall order for most companies, but in Skyline, we found the perfect partner.”

By choosing Skyline’s DataMiner, ONATi invests in only one single NMS platform, rather than multiple proprietary standalone systems. The DataMiner platform, which they can also easily and securely access on mobile phones or tablets, provides them with a complete end-to-end and future-proof solution including modules such as email and SMS notification, SLA management and external access for third parties as well as some of ONATi’s larger customers. On top of that, the tailored ticketing system offers them a fully integrated experience, making it possible to create tickets on anomalies much more efficiently with automatic pre-entry of the affected elements.

“With its pronounced open architecture, DataMiner gives ONATi the full freedom to integrate the off-the-shelf solutions with their own operational ecosystem,” adds Didier Schepens, Sales Manager at Skyline Communications. “Everywhere around the world, we see that our customers understand that you cannot have a successful business in this industry without a consolidated end-to-end monitoring and orchestration system. One thing they all have in common is that they are not just looking for a short-term solution. They see the strategic value of having a platform that can adjust to their changing needs. And that’s exactly what ONATi now also has: no matter what changes they’d like to make to their infrastructure in the future, they can rest assured that DataMiner will empower them to stay ahead of any evolutions in the industry.”