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iKO Media Group ensures business continuity with DataMiner during COVID-19 pandemic

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end network management and orchestration solutions for the media & broadband industry, is proud to say that the DataMiner System deployed at iKO Media Group has helped them maintain an efficient and reliable operation, and ensured business continuity during the coronavirus pandemic.

iKO Media Group is an end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners who provide tailor-made solutions with dedicated services to a wide range of global and local networks. These services include content distribution, playout services, OTT & IP services and occasional use. Their state-of-the-art teleport in Rome has over 20 satellite dishes for receiving and transmitting. Uplink services are provided to broadcasters to distribute programming to cable and telco television headends, to satellite television facilities, to mobile operators, or directly to consumers over satellite (DTH) or over the top (OTT).

When interviewed about the operational impact of the COVID-19 crisis, Rashmin Abhani, Senior Technical Manager at iKO Media Group, commented, “DataMiner helped us to keep our operations up and running even with a very limited number of people on site. As the platform is providing us in-depth and end-to-end monitoring and control at our teleport and remote facilities, it was possible to keep the complete operation going with just a single on-site person. We experienced no operational impact at all. Using DataMiner, we can manage our system resources across multiple countries, across all products and software systems from many vendors, and across many technology domains, from a single user interface in a secured manner. DataMiner has always been key in enabling us to efficiently deliver the highest possible quality of services, but it is at times like these that it truly shows how powerful and indispensable it is.”

“We’re very pleased to have iKO Media Group as our long-standing customer,” said Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications. “iKO has been using DataMiner successfully in their operations for a long time, and we are now glad to see that they’ve very easily transitioned to their operators working from home overnight without any impact on operations. With DataMiner managing multiple teleport sites across Europe, Africa and Asia, operators can access the DataMiner platform from anywhere. In this business, network and content security are of the highest importance, and DataMiner allows you to rest assured of both even if systems are operated remotely.”

However, this is about much more than just the current crisis. There are many other emerging and evolving trends, such as the war on talent and changing working habits, that make it obvious that remote work and agile collaboration in a complex operation are increasingly important. As Skyline is a leading innovator in this field, its customers can rest assured that they will get the best technology has to offer. With the new seamless DataMiner integration into Microsoft Teams®, it will be even easier to start collaborating, receive instant notifications and service status updates and work on follow-up actions immediately. It no longer matters if you all work in the same NOC, if your team is working from home, or if it’s spread out around the globe.

Yaniv Maman, CTO at iKO Media Group, said, “Our deployment of DataMiner supports our work with the major clients we are bringing on board, who recognize us as a top-level service provider that uses the most advanced tools to ensure continuity of services”.

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