IABM EMEA chaired by Thomas Gunkel for the next two years

The new line-up for the IABM EMEA Member’s Council has recently been announced, and we’re proud to say that Thomas Gunkel has been appointed as its chairman for the next two years. As Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications, and with his more than 15 years of experience in the media industry, Thomas is widely acknowledged as a thought leader. As such, the IABM recognized the unique value he can bring to the council.

At Skyline, Thomas works with leading media and content providers all over the world and he embodies the company’s vision to drive the new ICT media and broadcast industry forward during these very exciting and transformational times. With the move to agile and data-driven media operations, and with technologies changing faster than ever, it is becoming increasingly more important to start new initiatives in order to stay ahead of the game.

“That is exactly what I have been doing during my years at Skyline, and that is what I plan to do as chairman of the committee as well,” commented Thomas Gunkel. “It is essential for businesses in the new ICT media and broadcast industry to be able to adapt to the constant changes, and to become and remain successful. Collaboration, agile operation, technical and strategic partnerships, continuous evolution and so much more. Those are all vital elements for a successful digital transformation.”

Read the full IABM press release about Thomas’ appointment here.

Thomas Gunkel