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Hellas Sat chooses DataMiner at their Cyprus teleport

Skyline Communications, the global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadband and media industry, has recently added yet another key satellite player to their extensive client list. The latest addition is Hellas Sat, a leading satellite operator that offers services in Europe, the Middle East and Southern Africa. DataMiner will manage and control all of Hellas Sat’s uplinks and downlinks at their teleport in Cyprus.

“As a major player in the satellite industry, it is vital for us to deliver high-quality services that answer to the needs of all our different customers. All the while remaining competitive prices, of course,” commented Thomas Kalamaris, Technical Director at Hellas Sat. “But in order to do so, it is now more crucial than ever to have an end-to-end management system in place that is able to help us stay in control of our operation, no matter which technologies or vendors we decide to implement in our business. After all, our business is one that constantly evolves. It wouldn’t make sense to go for a solution that fits us only today. The future is equally, if not much more important. On top of that, capabilities such as real-time reporting, AI-powered forecasting and trending capabilities are very essential to us. That are just some of the reasons why we went for Skyline’s DataMiner.”

“Something Hellas Sat and Skyline have in common, is that we’re both looking beyond today’s reality. Because that reality might be completely different tomorrow, and therefore creating an agile operation is key,” added Marina Nikita, Sales Manager at Skyline Communications. “In order for a leading satellite company to stay ahead of competitors and to keep their customers happy, you cannot get around the fact that a powerful end-to-end, multi-vendor monitoring and orchestration solution has become a must. Hellas Sat understands that strategic perspective very well. They want to be able to add new products from any vendor they like, on the fly and without any boundaries regarding API, hardware or software, on premises or off premises. To leverage all those resources in a sophisticated manner via a single consolidated pane of glass, that’s essentially what DataMiner is all about. Hellas Sat is now set for the future, and whatever they decide to do next in their infrastructure, DataMiner has them well covered.”

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