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Dojo Community goes live, bringing ICT media & broadband industry together online

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solutions for the media and broadband ICT industry, announces the official launch of the new Dojo Community as part of its DataMiner Cloud Platform offering. The open community offers everybody in the ICT, broadband and media industry the unique and exciting opportunity to connect with a vast global community of peers, and to exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences on any relevant hot industry topics. After all, successful digital transformations also require strong and very agile human connections, and networks where information flows generously and with minimum friction.

Dojo brings Skyline’s 350+ experts and thousands of leading media and broadband companies from across the globe into one shared direct peer-to-peer environment. In this one place, all possible information and knowledge is consolidated and shared completely transparently. Users can interact directly and continuously with peers, cutting out any intermediates, with faster and far more qualitative information as a result.

Dojo Community

“Noteworthy to start with is that the Dojo Community is about much more than just the DataMiner software and how to use it. In the first place it is about solutions, and about sharing knowledge and experiences across all possible relevant topics in our industry,” commented Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline Communications. “Whether it’s specifically about security, or the challenges of onboarding new system resources and managing their configuration, or understanding and using emerging standards such as NMOS, or agile methodologies and best practices to organize your DevOps teams, or how to build CI/CD concepts into your operation – it’s really all on the table. And everybody from the industry is welcome; this is by no means exclusive to Skyline’s DataMiner users. Dojo is about sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise, and doing that in a very agile and continuous manner, because that is the way forward and this is what everybody needs

“After our very successful agile transformation, which started a couple of years ago, we now fully commit to this community-driven model to interact with the users of our DataMiner software as well as the broader general ICT, media and broadband industry, to further increase the agility of everybody’s operation,” commented Bram De Block, Senior Software Developer and Agile Evangelist at Skyline Communications. “For example, this effectively means that Dojo is also the platform for our internal squads to interact and share continuous updates and knowledge among each other. By doing so, we bring the internal and external community into the same fully transparent playfield. This by itself is a genuine first in the industry, and it will be a massive step forward for everybody. Because the shortest feedback loops provide the biggest gains. Dojo brings you directly in contact with your peers facing similar challenges and opportunities. And in fact, this is only one initiative in the context of our ambitious quest to evolve towards a so-called Agile Partnership with our users.”

Today, the media and broadband industry is going through a landslide shift. And while this is sparked by new technology, the implications of it reverberate far beyond that. Pretty much everything you can think of is affected considerably, including the way media and broadband ICT platforms are conceptualized, designed and deployed. While the new platform deployments these days obviously must support today’s business and services, the underlying parallel challenge is to simultaneously ensure that the true potential of the new technology can also be harnessed in the long run. In short, this boils down to the often largely underestimated challenge of building a genuinely agile data-driven operation.

“An agile operation has many different dimensions to it. While the underlying technology stack plays a vital role in this quest, maximum agility also demands paradigm shifts, for example with respect to how companies and teams are organized,” concluded Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “This also includes the relationship between technology providers such as Skyline and the users of that technology. Skyline already has an exceptional track record of developing very strong long-term partnerships with the users of its DataMiner software technology, but we wanted to continue to push the envelope and live up to our reputation of leading the way. Maximum agility, that is what our user base needs. This translated, among many other initiatives, into this Dojo Community initiative.”