DataMiner X – designed for the new reality

At the first edition of the exclusive DataMiner Inspire event in June, Skyline Communications lifted the veil on the brand-new DataMiner X, which attracted the mayor players from all over the world to the Skyline headquarters in Izegem, Belgium. Now, the NMS/OSS sensation is ready to be introduced to the industry in Amsterdam at IBC 2019.

In the new world that emerges everywhere around us, we find ourselves in all sorts of ecosystems in which everything is becoming increasingly more connected. Those ecosystems are designed with powerful and extremely flexible enabling technology, and therefore poised with untapped potential. This results in exciting and almost unlimited opportunities for everybody, but those opportunities also come hand in hand with major challenges. Dealing with non-linear behavior, with a complexity that goes far beyond the human understanding and maintaining a secure environment are some of the key concerns that need to be addressed. One of the key instruments to be successful in this newly emerging world is agility.

That also applies to the broadcast, media and access industry. The migration to all-IP, the deployment of virtualized products and functions, and the integration of a multitude of cloud services herald a new era in which everybody will be in a constant state of transition. Leveraging all that flexible technology and consolidating it in an agile end-to-end operation is the ultimate goal. And that’s exactly what DataMiner X is all about. It enables you to catch those continuous waves of transition and ride them like a champion.

The highlights of DataMiner X, on display at IBC 2019, are truly stunning. 

  • The all-new DataMiner Dashboards visualize the most complex ecosystems. Any piece of information from across your entire operation, wherever it resides, can be literally dropped into your dashboards with a single gesture. Gorgeous, intuitive and highly interactive dashboards, with powerful off-the-shelf graphical components, meticulously crafted by our experts specifically for your line of business, offer your operators valuable and unprecedented real-time updated insights. Dashboards redefined.
  • The new fully user-definable DataMiner Apps enable you to literally handpick data and control workflows transparently across the entire operation, and to bundle them on the fly in easy-to-use and highly intuitive apps. Those apps can empower entire workforces to interact with the most complex ecosystems in an efficient, secure and controlled manner. Now that’s a real game changer for any operation.
  • DataMiner Cloud Services is yet another pearl among the DataMiner X features. It offers a seamless extension of your DataMiner System, irrespective of whether you deployed it on premises, off premises or in a hybrid constellation. DataMiner Cloud Services facilitates agile collaboration and gives you the ability to create powerful networks with your partners. Share any data or controls on the fly and effortlessly, across your entire operation, today and any time in the future. DataMiner Cloud Services will take your operation to new heights.
  • While DataMiner already features one of the most powerful and flexible system architectures, DataMiner X keeps on pushing the boundaries. It offers you everything you need to build and design your end-to-end monitoring and orchestration in such a way that it fits your specific needs like a glove. Ease of deployment, seamless availability and continuous scaling take the center stage, and the new capabilities of DataMiner X provide you with the choice to deploy on premises, off premises or in a hybrid constellation.
  • DataMiner X also heralds a major evolution of the world-class DataMiner Service and Resource Manager (SRM), which currently already empowers some of the most prestigious media ecosystems in the industry. The solution includes a wealth of new features, such as full life cycle service orchestration and support for non-linear services, giving you the key to unlock the untapped potential of your technology. DataMiner X SRM truly enables you to leverage any technology from any vendor, on premises or off premises, and to deliver the most sophisticated end-to-end services as if they were a commodity.
  • Another grand highlight is the innovative DataMiner Augmented Operations that fully embraces cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, which have become absolutely indispensable to successfully and efficiently manage ecosystems in a very proactive manner. DataMiner X adds sophisticated unprecedented capabilities such as automated pattern recognition and impressive automated incident identification. With DataMiner Augmented Operations, you save precious time by drastically reducing the need to configure and maintain the NMS/OSS stack, while at the same time gaining a tremendous competitive edge for the business by adopting a proactive operating strategy.
  • Finally, there’s the must-see introduction of a very innovative take on the topic of collaboration. Creating a truly agile operation is also about how the underlying technology can be literally weaved with the human capital, which is typically organized in agile DevOps squads that take joint responsibility to engineer and manage the services on a day-to-day basis. These new disruptive capabilities are a real paradigm shift that enables you to run a more efficient operation in the fast-evolving industry.

“It’s very important to understand the essence of the challenges that our customers are facing,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “It’s not about reaching an end point, because there simply isn’t one. The world is in a constant state of becoming, and so is the business of our customers. When you’re in the middle of a transition, you must already adapt to shifting needs in the market or prepare for the next transition, while at the same capitalizing it. DataMiner X is meticulously designed for that specific purpose. This is not an evolution of what everybody is already doing, but a very clever new take on the whole subject of orchestrating and managing an operation in the newly emerging world of our customers. And at the end of the day, it is this kind of technology that will be the definitive factor for a successful operation.”

DataMiner X and its brand-new solutions are on show at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam from September 13 till 17.

DataMiner X