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DataMiner unleashes the real full power of IP and cloud-based operations

Today’s operation of unified, all-IP and virtualized media infrastructures faces many challenges. “Complex workflows need to be developed and deployed in a highly dynamic manner, distributed in the cloud, running at scale without interruptions. Management of data center infrastructures, media services and associated SLAs requires advanced intelligence that reaches far beyond the level of human understanding,” said Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline. “Emerging standards in the broadcast space, such as SMPTE 2022-xx and SMPTE 2110-xx, bring data-plane interoperability into play for media over IP streams. And it’s commonly accepted that the next big challenge our industry faces is the management of the underlying infrastructure deployments, including IP network capacity, microservices and cloud resources. DataMiner 9.5 has all that is needed to plan and execute media workflows seamlessly across any type of infrastructure and deployment stack.”

Cloud based IP switch fabric

DataMiner 9.5 again establishes itself as a game-changing solution, introducing new operational paradigms enabled by:

  • artificial intelligence-powered DataMiner Advanced Analytics (DAA) and the all-new dashboards and reports module.
  • fully user-definable end-to-end Service and Resource Management (SRM) across any devices, microservices and IP links (including SMPTE 2022 and SMPTE 2110).
  • seamless integration into any existing OSS/BSS environment (OSS/BSS Gateway).

“Skyline Communications continuously innovates its award-winning DataMiner end-to-end network management platform. Our DataMiner software truly unleashes the maximal performance, flexibility and scalability of any type of media infrastructure,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “This award-winning platform has already been selected by some of the largest media companies around the world. Which is not surprising, as it brings unrivaled and unprecedented insight, analytics, dashboards, and service orchestration to any broadcast infrastructure, end to end across any vendor and technology boundaries. DataMiner manages the most complex media workflows transparently across any technology: bespoke, virtualized or running in the public cloud, regardless of vendor or cloud services provider.”