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The DataMiner Mobile Experience

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions for the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry, announces the general availability of its cutting-edge DataMiner Mobile Gateway solution. This innovative solution offers a complete suite of professional applications, supporting any mobile platform, including iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android devices. The mobile applications offer comprehensive functionality including monitoring, full device control, fault management, performance management and much more. And all of this across any vendor boundaries. Any device or system, from signal acquisition to signal delivery, in any kind of operation is literally instantly available at the fingertips of the right people, whenever they need it.

Mobile gateway interface

One secured mobile platform, enabling full management of your entire operation across any vendor and technology boundaries, offers a wealth of advantages and results in significant operational savings. Whenever important events occur in your operation, you can now rest assured that the right people will be instantly notified, significantly reducing the mean-time-to-respond. On-call tech support resources and subject matter experts can now immediately tap into the operation, no matter where they are. Field engineering resources can now benefit from accessing any remote device and system, while performing their field work. And you can provide your customers with instant and up-to-date information on services and SLAs, at any time, even live during a meeting. And overall, you can rest assured that you will drastically improve productivity and satisfaction across all your teams.

DataMiner Mobile Gateway, which can be downloaded from the respective on-line stores, provides a wealth of unique features and capabilities. Firstly, it is simply one single mobile solution to validate and deploy, with professional security to manage access, and includes detailed audit trailing. This results in a bare minimum of system administration overhead, as compared to the deployment of a wide range and variety of vendor specific applications. The DataMiner mobile applications provide intuitive navigation in a variety of ways, including the renowned DataMiner Search, enabling users to find the right devices and services in the most complex and vast technology ecosystems. Any device from any vendor can easily be accessed with the mobile applications, and users can enjoy a uniform and intuitive user-interface to monitor any device readings, and to control any of the device settings and configurations. Any device or system key performance indicators can be trended over time, and visualized with easy to use graphs on the mobile platforms for more advanced troubleshooting. Furthermore, mobile users can also instantly access all system alarms and events, and use popular fault management functionality such as acknowledging or commenting on alarms.

“DataMiner Mobile Gateway underlines again the unique kind of advantages that operators can benefit from when deploying this new generation of end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions. DataMiner Mobile Gateway offers one set of professional and secured applications, offering full remote monitoring and control, of any device or operational system, from signal acquisition to signal delivery. And this irrespective of the vendors used in operations today, or any time in the future,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “Whether you are running IPTV operations, HFC broadband plant, satellite DTH or VSAT platforms, or a DVB-T infrastructure, a solution like DataMiner Mobile Gateway will immediately bring along very tangible benefits. And this across the entire organization, from field engineering, technical support up to the management level. No matter your role in the organization, no matter what kind of system or service information you require, and no matter from which part of your operation it originates from, DataMiner Mobile Gateway brings it instantly right to your fingertips.”

Mobile gateway interface