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DataMiner facilitates GiaX’s ethernet-over-coax HelEOS solution

Skyline Communications, the global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management solutions, has recently integrated GiaX’s HelEOS into its award-winning NMS/OSS platform DataMiner. Customers will surely benefit from this integration as it enables HelEOS – an ethernet-over-coax solution by German startup GiaX, which develops innovative communication solutions for coaxial networks – to provide full element and link management/orchestration. More importantly, the integration into DataMiner also assures a seamless integration into the end-to-end service delivery chain of which HelEOS is part. The solution, now powered by DataMiner, will be showcased at the CableLabs Summer Conference 2018 at the Keystone Conference Center in Colorado on August 6 and 7.


GiaX’s HelEOS re-energizes the existing coax network. The solution can be used by cable operators as a 10G ethernet distribution network for Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), Full Duplex DOCSIS® 3.1* (FDX), mobile backhaul, fiber-to-the-business and distributed PON. The versatile system handles multiple services at the same time and is cost-reducing and time-saving by eliminating the need of digging fiber.

“We are very happy to be enhancing our HelEOS solution through the overlying DataMiner management, orchestration and OSS layer,” commented Jörg Hellwig, CEO and founder of GiaX GmbH. “Skyline’s platform assures us the end-to-end integration in our customers’ operational ecosystems, which allows them to take full advantage of HelEOS and its advanced spectrum management abilities. GiaX is a young and agile company. Innovation is in our DNA and we are driven by ambition. That’s exactly why we decided on DataMiner. We couldn’t be more excited to present all innovative features of the DataMiner-powered HelEOS at the CableLabs Summer Conference.”

As GiaX strives to develop innovative solutions and is always looking to add value to their products, it is indeed no surprise they chose to be managed by the global leading NMS/OSS platform. “We have no doubt that GiaX will profit tremendously from this DataMiner integration,” said Dominique De Paepe, Market Director Service Provider at Skyline Communications. “It complements HelEOS’ intrinsic value as an innovative communication solution for coax. With the end-to-end DataMiner network management and OSS solution, GiaX will be able to differentiate even further in their aim to deliver maximum value to their customers. Today, it is simply impossible to proceed without a flexible, proactive management and orchestration platform. With its additional interoperability across any vendor or protocol, DataMiner is the number one end-to-end solution on the market and has become an absolute must for anyone who truly wants to succeed in the business.”

*DOCSIS® is a registered trademark of CableLabs.