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DataMiner enables DU to take control of its teleport operations with a single pane of glass

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end management and orchestration solutions for the media & broadband industry, and their award-winning DataMiner platform have been selected by du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company, to manage the new Al Qudra teleport. It’s not the first DataMiner project at du, as they have already been deploying the cutting-edge system at their Samacom Jabal Ali site since 2014.

du has grown out to be the global leading provider of satellite & broadcast services, and the company keeps on growing year after year. In light of this expansion, du launched a new teleport facility in Al Qudra with larger antennas and the latest technology infrastructure. The site also has eye for the future, as it offers du the possibility to enlarge the operation even further. However, staying in control of such a large and state-of-the-art facility inevitably becomes more and more complex.

Saleem Alblooshi, Chief Technology Officer at du said: "At du, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovate and invest so we continue to deliver world-class services and solutions to our customers. As industries continue to evolve, consumers' demands regularly change, and new technologies frequently emerge, therefore, innovating and investing are among our top priorities. In order to maintain standards and the highest level of quality across our entire scope of operations, investing in an end-to-end management platform for the Al Qudra site was a necessity. We are delighted to be continuing our association with Skyline Communications, and everyone under our umbrella welcomes the announcement that our new facility will be boosted by the capabilities of DataMiner."

With DataMiner, du now has a complete overview of their entire Al Qudra operation through just a single pane of glass. The project comprises the management of all the satellite uplink and downlink antennas, automatic redundancy switching, automatic spectrum monitoring across the up- and downlink carriers, the management of fiber links, and much more.

“We’re very pleased du turned to us again for their new teleport site,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “From the project at Samacom, we already knew du has exceptionally high standards, and DataMiner has already proven there that our solutions live up to those. We understand and share their focus on enhancement like no other, which is why they also entrusted us with their new facility. And the future of our partnership looks even brighter, because there’s a possible further role for DataMiner to play if the Al Qudra teleport is expanded in the future.”