Meet our experts
at NAB New York

October 19 to 20 • booth 1342

With the rapid emergence and ever faster-growing adoption of virtualized products, all-IP connectivity, and cloud services, the media industry as we know it is coming to an end! Come visit the DataMiner experts at NAB New York to discuss and plan your Digital Transformation strategy.

Let's (re)connect at booth 1342

NAB New York will be the perfect occasion to catch up on the latest industry news and evolutions, meet up with industry experts, and map together how you can boost your ambitions and transformation programs—all in one amazing show!

Steven Soenens

VP Product Marketing

Bruno Santos

Global Business Transformation Lead

If you want to discuss your ongoing project or if you want to inquire about the possibilities that DataMiner could bring to your brand-new project, just meet up with our experts. They are very excited to re-connect with you in person and answer all your burning DataMiner questions.

What's on show

Create. Shape. Evolve.

With the rapid emergence and ever faster-growing adoption of virtualized products, all-IP connectivity, and cloud services, the media industry as we know it is coming to an end!

Today you are not simply moving an existing business and workflows to a new generation of technology. Instead, today’s enabling technologies create endless possibilities to build and shape a business in many ways, providing challenges that are impossible to anticipate.

That’s why any data-driven media operation is challenged with the strategic and absolute must to migrate toward becoming an agile and DevOps-style powerhouse, delivering continuously evolving state-of-the-art media services.

Creativity made modular

Thanks to its modular design, DataMiner is the cornerstone for any agile media operation. It provides you with a pronounced open architecture and powerful capabilities to easily create an operation that fits your needs—simply by picking the features you need, when you need them! This user-friendly plug-and-play approach also gives your operation the flexibility to continuously evolve on the fly.

Supports any type of data or interface

With DataMiner, there are no restrictions to what data users can access. Data sources may reside on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup. DataMiner cuts across every conceivable domain in the ICT, media and broadband landscape, every conceivable product from every vendor, and every type of interface, data or API out there.

Establish a powerful DevOps data engineering operation

The open-source model, the accompanying professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Visual Studio, and the CI/CD capabilities make it a perfect fit to establish a powerful and unified DevOps data engineering operation.

Enable efficient collaboration across the entire supply chain

In an ever more distributed operational context, operational data must be integrated seamlessly with everyday human collaboration workflows. Sharing data in real time and in a secured manner is a single-click operation in DataMiner Dashboards. Literally access, aggregate and visualize any data set imaginable, conveniently tailored to the needs of the user.

DataMiner SRM goes on steroids with even more
modular choices

With the renewed DataMiner Service & Resource Manager (SRM), DevOps engineers can cherry-pick the right tool for the right job, creating value in the fastest possible manner. Some of these tools are more lightweight and flexible, while others empower the coding gurus among your teams to unleash their unique powers.

Resource Scheduling

Keeps track of all resource schedules without automating actions, for maximum flexibility.

Resource Automation

Configures complex resources with the click of a button.

Resource Orchestration

Combines the power of resource schedules with automatic configuration actions at booking start and end.

Service Orchestration

Orchestrates the entire service life cycle; ideal for your most repetitive workflows.

DataMiner SRM suite

Empower your teams with a toolset for all their automation & orchestration needs