On-demand Webinar

DataMiner Security

Duration: 71 minutes


about security in the all-IP cloudified broadcast and media landscape

about the key role of an end-to-end platform for security​

​how to reduce the attack surface significantly

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about this webinar

In today’s rapidly evolving broadcast and media landscape, operators are dealing with an ever increasing complexity. Their ecosystems consist of more and more evolving software components, interacting with each other across a convoluted data network. Consider this in the context of the overall global evolutions, and it is clear that security is a very big deal. This webinar will focus on how a unified end-to-end network management & orchestration platform can considerably contribute to hardening your operation and making it more secure.

Your host
Ben Vandenberghe

Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications, is one of the industry’s thought leaders and visionaries in the area of end-to-end network management and orchestration software solutions for the media, entertainment and service provider industry. Under Ben’s leadership, Skyline Communications has grown into the acknowledged global leader in this field. Skyline’s renowned flagship DataMiner software platform, widely acclaimed for its far-reaching innovation track record, is one of the key driving technologies behind many of the world’s most prestigious media, entertainment and service provider operations.

DataMiner Security