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Hannover Messe • April 22 to 26 • hall 17 stand F23

With the surge of new technologies, there are more opportunities than ever to enhance your operations and provide better services to your clients. But to truly succeed, you need to focus on agility, automation, and data-driven approaches

Take charge of your own destiny at Hannover Messe and learn how to become a part of this exciting DevOps revolution. Elevate your operations to new heights with the leading DataMiner digital transformation platform.

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DataMiner as the ultimate platform for industry innovators

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Master your path with the DataMiner DevOps toolset

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Unveiling dataminer.IoTOps: join a data-driven revolution tailored for smart cities and industries.

In the dynamic realm of digitalization, innovation is relentless – and so are we. Brace yourself for a revelation at the Hannover Messe, where we proudly introduce dataminer.IoTOps.

dataminer.IoTOps stands as the catalyst for smart cities, industrial IoT, energy management, and environmental monitoring. Effortlessly converting environments into secure, data-driven powerhouses, DataMiner uniquely addresses challenges in each domain.

Any data & controls

Seamlessly integrate diverse data sources across your organization with DataMiner, handling interfaces and protocols effortlessly.

Create a unified digital twin

Experience a secure and efficient digital transformation as DataMiner unifies and updates diverse data into a single digital twin.

Easy-to-use modular functions

Effortlessly innovate with DataMiner's versatile modulator functions, generating massive value for your digital data-driven operations.

Safe unified data collaboration

Foster collaboration and agility with DataMiner, ensuring standardized, secure consumption of digital twin data for everyone in your organization and beyond.

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Take full control of your IoT fleet with dataminer.IoTOps

Transform your operations by creating a better, faster,
and more cost-effective environment that is enjoyable to work in!


Next-gen DevOps toolset

DataMiner offers countless features and capabilities to empower you to navigate your digital journey with ease and confidence, enabling smooth collaboration, unlimited flexibility, and trailblazing innovation.

Digitize your entire operation

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers your DevOps squads to further extend DataMiner’s digital twin with ANY type of object imaginable, from scheduling information and work orders to costing and rating information.

Create tailored UIs from scratch

Our Low-Code Apps empower anyone to create tailored UIs from scratch and without any coding skills. This way anyone can take their part in boosting the efficiency of your operation.

Enjoy ultimate convenience

From Live Dashboard Sharing to Storage as a Service, is designed to seamlessly propel your business into the digital age, equipping you with the tools to succeed in this rapidly evolving ICT media and broadband landscape.

Digital Transformation
Empower your teams with a toolset for all their automation and orchestration needs


Batch Up

Witness firsthand how PwC's cutting-edge Batch Up software, powered by DataMiner, is transforming manufacturing processes. Say goodbye to production bottlenecks and hello to optimized output, quality assurance, and sustainable operations.

Live demo by PwC Belgium

hall 17 stand F23

Create a powerful digital twin with DataMiner

Embracing digital twin technology marks a pivotal shift in how industries harness the potential of their operational ecosystems. With DataMiner at the forefront, organizations embark on a journey of empowerment, leveraging real-time, standardized, and secure digital twins to optimize mission-critical operations.

Real-time insights into your operations

DataMiner pioneers the creation of fully standardized and secure digital twins, providing organizations with unparalleled real-time insights into their entire operational landscape. From monitoring to decision-making, unlock the potential for transformative operational efficiency and agility.

Establish a powerful DevOps data engineering operation

The open-source model, the accompanying professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Visual Studio, and the CI/CD capabilities make it a perfect fit to establish a powerful and unified DevOps data engineering operation.

Supports any type of data or interface

Any data-driven operation relies on a unified data acquisition and control plane that empowers users to integrate with new data sources easily and quickly. DataMiner is unrivaled in this respect, supporting any type of data or interface, including both standard and proprietary protocols, structured and unstructured data, file indexing-based processing, streaming data and much more.

One solution, infinite use cases

Draw inspiration from a wide array of dataminer.IoTOps use cases—and start envisioning your own!

Market fluctuations

Use Case

Capitalizing on market fluctuations

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Quality of Experience

Use Case

Quality of Experience monitoring

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Energy management

Use Case

Technical infrastructure: energy management

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To access the use cases, you need a DataMiner DOJO account. Creating this account is quick and easy, and it will allow you to access not only these use cases, but also countless articles, videos, and more.

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Hannover Messe will be the perfect occasion to catch up on the latest industry news and evolutions, meet up with industry experts, and map together how you can boost your ambitions and transformation programs—all in one amazing show!

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VP Platform R&D

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VP Expert Services

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VP Finance & Investments