Service & Resource management (SRM) | DataMiner by Skyline Communications

Service & Resource management

Model, deploy and manage complex services end to end with the DataMiner® Service & Resource Manager. Check and track the capacity, availability and capabilities of any of your technology resources, and reduce human interaction across your entire operation to a single unified drag-and-drop canvas.

End-to-end service management for media, voice and data

DataMiner’s unique multi-vendor architecture manages services across a mixture of bespoke hardware, on-premises and off-premises VMs, containers and microservices. Hybrid networking is supported without limitations, including traditional SDI, SDN and WAN connectivity.

Job, booking and event scheduler

Scheduling and automation of jobs and bookings is a native capability in DataMiner. The scheduler executes any action, session or event with the highest precision, either as a single task or as a series of recurring events.

Transmission and media services profile manager

Service and transmission profiles are used in any modern media workflow. The customizable library of profiles in DataMiner can be applied to any device, software function, or mixture of these. Being infrastructure-agnostic, profiles are the perfect workflow mediation layer in any operation, decoupling workflows from the underlying infrastructure.

Sophisticated resource management

DataMiner resource management stands out as a result of its versatility and its reliability. Within DataMiner, not only hardware elements and ports are managed as a resource, but also data center virtual machines and containers, network bandwidth and capacity, and even virtual resources such as rooms, desk positions, and staff. All these are modeled in pools of bookable resources as part of the media workflows.

Advanced automation

Without any restrictions, element control, service orchestration and just about any operational workflow can be fully automated in DataMiner. A comprehensive graphical editor, complemented with an advanced scripting engine for complex automation, gives full freedom to operators to create and fine-tune workflows at run-time, at any time.

Virtual function management abstraction

DataMiner virtualizes bespoke hardware, appliances, software applications, and containers as a set of manageable elementary functions. Each set of elementary functions is modeled into a DataMiner resource pool. Using the graphical service manager editor in DataMiner, operators can connect multiple functions together to model a full service definition.

Physical and logical connectivity

DataMiner orchestrates and resolves service flows throughout the infrastructure, across all affiliates, studios, master control rooms and distribution network segments.
In media production data centers, SDN orchestration is extremely flexible. It can be customized to use static IGMP routing, multicast address translation in the switch fabric (NAT), end-point initiated IGMP v2/v3 joins, SMPTE 2022 supported failover with tailored make/break options, dual illumination connectivity, unicast and multicast on the same network, and much more.
The DataMiner Connectivity Framework (DCF) also supports complex architectures such as data center spine/leaf topologies.

Model, deploy and manage complex services end to end with the DataMiner Service & Resource Manager

Key Facts

completely vendor-agnostic virtualization of your system resources

provides an overall view of all resources in your entire infrastructure

supports both hardware and software resources, on premises or off premises

Your Benefits

track the capacity and availability of any resource, both on and off premises

create fully automated workflows that can be fine-tuned at run-time

configure service workflows throughout your infrastructure on a simple drag-and-drop canvas