DataMiner for the satellite environment | DataMiner by Skyline Communications

DataMiner for the satellite environment

DataMiner, the leading network management solution, has been specifically designed for satellite environments and offers professional solutions for real-time interfacing, trending, reporting, alarm correlation, email and SMS notification, automation, automated spectrum analysis, service-oriented management, confidence monitoring, etc. In this market section, DataMiner® has a proven track record involving various leading companies. Click here to see a list of our references.

a plethora of devices from different vendors can easily be consolidated

Leading satellite operators and satellite service providers rely on DataMiner for end-to-end management of their operations, including earth stations, backhaul systems, occasional use systems, digital platforms, IT infrastructure, VSATs, IP trunks, etc. Satellite environments are comprised of a plethora of devices from different vendors, which can easily be consolidated by DataMiner into a single user interface resulting in significant operational savings.

DataMiner Spectrum Analysis

In addition, DataMiner Spectrum Analysis provides satellite operators with the ultimate solution for monitoring of the RF carriers in uplinks and downlinks. Today, satellite operators can monitor the signal from any antenna from any place and with multiple users at the same time.

Key Facts

integrate your entire satellite operation environment into a single platform, including both standard and legacy proprietary systems, irrespective of vendor and technology boundaries

see your entire operation in an intuitive bubble-up & drill-down display that is compatible with MS Visio® and dynamically adapts to the status in the real world

enjoy benefits from advanced multi-user remote monitoring and control of any of your devices via an intuitive, uniform web-based UI

use continuous tracking, logging and reporting of user-defined key performance indicators like C/N, BER, Eb/No, etc.

improve and secure your operation through advanced automation applications including automatic uplink power control, site switching, redundancy switching, tracking correction, automated lineup, etc.

benefit from intelligent cross-correlation of all events across your entire operational environment

Your Benefits

use any spectrum analyzer from any vendor for remote interactive multi-user spectrum analysis via intuitive web UI, and continuous around-the-clock RF performance monitoring

integrate any test and measurement solutions from any vendor to enable around-the-clock automated verification and tracking of your service availability and performance

augment your operations with AI-powered trend forecasting, intelligent fault detection and incident analysis

receive advanced user-defined reports via a web portal, or via event- and time-triggered email reports

create your own real-time dashboards with all key performance indicators, creating a unique end-to-end perspective for MCR operators

extend your reach to remote sites via interactive SMS text messages on standard mobile devices or via professional applications on the latest generation of mobile devices

Manage every single component of your satellite operation with one user interface