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The Scheduling application is your comprehensive solution for planning and booking resources, workflows, or a hybrid of both.

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DataMiner MediaOps - Scheduling
DataMiner MediaOps - Scheduling
DataMiner MediaOps - Scheduling

This is a standard DataMiner application that can be used as is, with minimal configuration. It will receive regular upgrades to improve the user experience. You can also obtain a copy to customize to your requirements, but such a custom version will not receive automatic updates.

Efficiently schedule resources with MediaOps Scheduling

  • Easy scheduling of resources and workflows
  • Operations dashboard & task lists
  • Ingest jobs from business management systems (BMS), ERP, …

The Scheduling application is your comprehensive solution for managing resources, workflows, or a hybrid of both. Designed to cater to all teams involved in delivering and maintaining scheduled services, MediaOps Scheduling offers a range of features to streamline the scheduling process.

Job timeline view: Gain a comprehensive overview of all scheduled jobs with the job timeline view. This time-based visualization provides a big picture of all jobs in the system, allowing for efficient planning and coordination.

Resource timeline view: Track resource utilization effortlessly with the resource timeline view. This resource-based timeline allows users to quickly assess resource usage within their facility, ensuring optimal resource allocation and management.

Job search: Easily locate specific jobs within the system using the job search feature. With convenient search tools, including keywords, job statuses, and time ranges, users can quickly find the information they need, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Operations management: Stay on top of upcoming, active, and completed jobs with the Operations Manager. This feature provides operators with essential tools to monitor job progress and manage workloads effectively. Predefined filters and quick controls streamline operations, ensuring smooth workflow management.

Configuration: Customize app-wide settings to suit your specific needs. From configuring custom job ID settings to adjusting other app settings, users have full control over their scheduling environment, optimizing workflow efficiency.