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February 26 to 29 • Hall 7 - Booth 7G51 - Pod 22

The mobile industry is changing rapidly! With the surge of new technologies, there are more opportunities than ever to enhance your operations and provide better services to your clients. But to truly succeed, you need to focus on agility, automation, and data-driven approaches.

Take charge of your own destiny at Mobile World Congress 2024 and learn how to become a part of this exciting DevOps revolution. Elevate your operations to new heights with the leading DataMiner digital transformation platform.

Show highlights

Maximize Mobile Networks with DataMiner: the ultimate solution for seamless media delivery and comprehensive control

DataMiner maximizes mobile networks by providing operators with seamless access to network configuration, logs, counters, and metrics. With its open software stack, the platform offers a versatile range of functions, including AI-powered proactive behavioral monitoring, asset and inventory management, hyper-automation, process and workflow automation, as well as advanced capacity- and capability-aware orchestration of complex services. Tailored for quad-play service providers, including Private Mobile Networks, DataMiner empowers users to efficiently manage broadband and media delivery on mobile networks while overseeing private mobile networks with comprehensive control and optimization capabilities.

Transform data into insights

DataMiner's core strength lies in its unparalleled observability, providing intelligent insights across a myriad of data types. From configuration data to user experience metrics, streaming analytics, administrative records, QoS data, trouble tickets, and CRM information, DataMiner excels in aggregating and analyzing this diverse range of data sources. By offering operators a comprehensive and intelligent view into their operations, the platform enhances decision-making processes and identifies potential issues proactively.

Quality of Experience

Streamline your workflows

DataMiner stands as the operational cornerstone for major Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications companies globally, shaping their strategic approach to private mobile networks and media delivery. With seamless interoperability with standardized systems such as the Open API of TM Forum and proprietary databases/APIs, DataMiner empowers telecom giants with unparalleled control and management. Serving as a linchpin in their operational strategies, DataMiner ensures efficient deployment, operation, and optimization across diverse data types, making it an indispensable asset in the dynamic landscape of telecommunications.


Powerful unified control center

DataMiner goes beyond cable management and offers comprehensive management of cable, IPTV, and OTT channel lineups. It seamlessly orchestrates video and data headends, core IP distribution, converged interconnect networks (CIN), and content delivery networks (CDNs). In essence, DataMiner serves as a unified control center, enabling effortless deployment, operation, and management of your cable plant.

Channel Management

Let's connect at MWC 2024 (Hall 7 - Booth 7G51 • Pod 22)

Glenn D'Haene

VP Sales Operations

Steven Soenens

VP Product Marketing

Data and Control - the fuel and key to success

Data from and control over your resources are your most valuable assets to achieve success in an ever-changing world where flexible but reliable technology is key.

Yet, this requires thorough vetting and processing before it can be turned into the real, tangible value we know to be so essential. That’s why DataMiner creates a real-time, fully standardized and secured digital twin of your entire operation, ensuring the streamlined management of your now easy-to-access operational, business, and technical data and controls.

Propel your business to new heights

From Live Dashboard Sharing to Storage as a Service, is designed to seamlessly propel your business into the digital age, equipping you with the tools to succeed in this rapidly evolving ICT media and broadband landscape. It's not just a service, it's a catalyst for digital transformation, driving your business toward a brighter, more connected future.

7000+ out-of-the-box connectors

DataMiner also provides unrestricted access to all products and data sources, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, cutting across all domains, products, and interfaces. A unique catalog of 7000+ connectors is available out of the box.

Digitize your entire operation

DataMiner Object Modeling (DOM) empowers your DevOps squads to further extend DataMiner’s digital twin with ANY type of object imaginable, to organize your operation and business more efficiently than ever before. DataMiner users now have access to scheduling information, work orders, address books, contacts, costing and rating information, as well as any other relevant imaginable data, all from a single interface and through one unified workflow.